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All of my aha moments in life have happened while attending a Celebrate Your Life event!

One of the things I am so very grateful for is the opportunity once again to have experienced another, Celebrate Your Life conference. Almost all of my aha moments in life have happened while attending a CYL event! I lost my one and only child and I felt my life was over and since attending this past event, I am reminded that it’s time for me to move forward, remembering to always “Celebrate My Life”!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ….my newly inspired heart!   

Marlou E, Arizona

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What is Celebrate Your Life all about?

For over 29 years, we’ve changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who’ve shared their stories of experiencing the greatest spiritual teachers of our time in one place at one time!

I've been honored to be a speaker at Celebrate Your Life for many years.

These events unite people from all over the world in a way that actually starts the ripple effect of bringing spirituality to everyone’s life in no matter what shape or form it came in. So for me, why do I come to Celebrate Your Life? Simple. It’s family and  inspiration and healing and compassionate and spiritual. I just love it.  The beauty of coming in person and actually to be part of the energy. Come to Celebrate Your Life because it’s so much more powerful, so much more healing, and so much more!  You can’t imagine what being a part of this really offers until you actually experience it for yourself.

Lisa Nichols

World Renowned Inspirational Speaker and NY Times Best Selling Author

I've been a speaker for 50 years and I've been so honored to be at Celebrate Your Life. . .

because the events are different from all the multitude of conferences that I’ve participated in around the world. Celebrate Your Life events feels like family. These events are not just about the speakers. They are about the community. When people come together and they connect face to face, it creates a kind of a frequency or a vibration or an energy and it’s profound. When people leave, they are activated within themselves simply by being in the physical presence of other like-minded seekers.

Denise Linn

Internationally Recognized Teacher, Healer, Best-Selling Author and Exquisite Human Being!

“It’s the most magical, uplifting experience.”

“I’ve had some huge revelations, change and transformation.”

“Just being in a place where you feel seen and understood without words was very profound. . .”

What's Happening at Celebrate Your Life?

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We understand life’s challenges. What it feels like to be uninspired, isolated, without supportive  community. 

With the challenges around us, its easy to get swept up and feel unbalanced, alone, loss of purpose, overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself and your soul tribe.


When you step into the CYL vibe, you're never alone.

Whether it’s online or in person, being a part of a community that nurtures spiritual conversations and supports personal growth exploration is everything wonderful.

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There are many things I love about Celebrate Your Life.

People come from all over the world. Liz has done such an awesomely beautiful, skillful and masterful job of putting together a faculty that reflects the truth of the way we learn. So all of the speakers here, and the people who attend, are all working to become the best people we can be to create the best world we know is possible. These events are about self-empowerment. When they return home, they can apply what they’ve learned and discovered. There’s something here for everyone.

Gregg Braden

NY Times Best Selling Author and CYL Speaker