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Your Dreams Hold the Key to Living an Extraordinary Life

Do you pay attention to your dreams? Are you curious about the meaning of your dreams?

Unexpected and magical things happen while you sleep. In the dream state, your mind, body, and soul are freed from the limitations of the physical and are able to explore the immense and infinite possibilities of the universe, which can lead to profound change and growth in your life.

A Dream Journal is the First Step toward Transformation

It can sometimes be difficult to remember your dreams—they tend to float away like smoke as you return to the waking world. That’s why keeping a dream journal is so essential for capturing and recording the insights your sleeping self unearths about who you are and what you need, where you’re going, and how to get there.

Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst and pioneer of Western dream psychology, believed dreams are our minds’ attempt to communicate important things to us, to relay messages your awake mind may not be receive. When you record your dreams in a dream journal, you can document experiences, events, and interactions with the people in your life in order to make sense of what you’ve been through. This also allows you to uncover themes and patterns that you may not be consciously aware of. The longer you keep a dream journal, you’ll notice more and more connections playing a role in your life, and the more you can discover about yourself.

In addition to gaining valuable insights about yourself, dream journaling will also help you:

Define and process difficult or stressful emotions

The seemingly simple act of recording your dreams can help explain emotions that may be hard to deal with. Once you better understand these emotions—or even just recognize what they are—it’s easier to move through those feelings and prevent them from getting stuck. Stuck emotions cause all sorts of setbacks, and processing them releases them from your body and mind, and in turn, releases their hold over you.

Solve Complex Problems

How often have you felt restless in bed after an argument takes place or a difficult issue arises? Part of the magic of sleep and the dream state is that your unconscious mind is hard at work creating new connections, analyzing events and observations, and putting together the pieces of your daily experiences. Sometimes, this midnight labor of the mind sparks solutions you just couldn’t see while awake. Writing down the parts of your dreams you remember in your dream journal can offer up an answer you didn’t realize you already knew.

Capture brilliant and innovative ideas 

Because the endless possibilities of the universe are accessible in the dream state, brilliant and out-of-the box ideas often appear in your dreams. Even great scientists like Einstein have credited their dreams with some of their most brilliant discoveries. New connections are made in your unconscious mind, new ways of thinking are activated while you dream, and new ideas can come to the surface. Writing down these glimpses of genius in your dream journal upon waking ensures they won’t slip away giving you the opportunity to apply these new ideas.

Make important decisions

Decisions can be hard, especially important ones. Sometimes, your waking mind resists digging deep enough to be completely honest with yourself and learn the lessons you need to learn. A dream journal, with its insights and ideas from your dreams, allows you to be honest with yourself about actions, thoughts, and feelings, so you can learn from past experiences, break unhealthy patterns, and make better, more authentic choices in the future.

Dreams are so powerful, and simply starting a dream journal can bring a deeper awareness of your true desires and provide the insight and wisdom your conscious mind needs to move you towards your goals and dreams.

But what if you have trouble remembering your dreams?

This is where Denise Linn, internationally renowned spiritual alchemist, teacher, and bestselling author, can help! She has spent years cultivating her skills as a dream traveler and interpreter, and when you work with her, she’ll guide you in exercises designed to develop your dreaming ability and expand your understanding of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

Denise is hosting a fun and practical Mystical Dreaming Certification Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico where you’ll not only learn about dreams and the messages they hold for you, you’ll also become certified as a Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. You will be well equipped to work with others in deciphering and decoding the meaning their dreams! This certification is a fascinating and lucrative addition for coaches, energy practitioners and anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and supports others on their spiritual journeys. This will be a life-changing, mind-opening experience you won’t want to miss! Learn more here!

In the meantime, creating try keeping a dream journal to uncover the power of your dreams and all they can teach you. The longer you keep a dream journal, the more connections you will see, and the more guidance your dreams will give you. Even when your dreams don’t seem to make sense at first, getting them on paper will help you capture repeated themes in your life and bring new ideas and insights that can lead to incredible discoveries.