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When was the last time you felt a shift in your soul? A real turning point from which you emerged transformed in mind, body, and spirit? What if you are closer than you think and you just need to recognize the signs?

Spiritual growth is like any other journey—it comes in waves. Sometimes, your spirit is in rest mode, slowly drifting through the sea, giving you time to process and regroup. At other times, your spirit may be surging forward, creating big swells that crash through your world as you know it and change the landscape of your life.  

So the question is: How do you know when you are on the precipice of a great spiritual awakening? The first step is looking for the signs!

I have been producing Celebrate Your Life events and retreats for over 24 years, and have been lucky enough to witness, and experience myself, the incredible magic of spiritual awakenings. Watching thousands of people undergo soul-shifting revelations and listening to their stories has given me valuable insight into the signs you may experience when your spirit is aching for the chance to break free from its cocoon and spread new wings.

These six signs below are your soul’s way of signaling that you are ready for a radical shift towards a more spiritually engaged and awakened life:

If your life has been full of intense upheaval, this may be the start of a spiritual transformation. Perhaps your marriage is failing, your kids or friends are distant—emotionally or physically—or you’ve lost your job, your pet, a loved one, or you’re suffering a major health crisis. If the very ground underneath you seems to be slipping away, it may be time for a reinvention of self and deep introspection of your core values. 

Do you have a constant sense of longing, a feeling of needing something more, but can’t put your finger on what that something is? The things you used to love no longer bring you joy, in fact, joy seems out of reach entirely. You feel restless, antsy, and aware that you need a change, but unsure where to even begin to fill the void that seems to have enveloped your life. What you’re longing for may be a deeper connection to yourself and to your higher power. Sometimes, even simply admitting to yourself that something is missing can be the very thing that helps you put a finger on what you are actually missing.

Are new interests stirring within you? Do you suddenly feel an urge to create? Have you been thinking about taking up painting, writing, traveling, learning a new language or spending more time in nature? Or is there any new desire that feels like an invitation you simply can’t refuse? If a new hobby or interest is drawing you in, sending you signs that you can’t ignore, this may be the very thing that awakens you to your innate gifts and talents. I invite you to dive in and see what you discover. 

This is one of the best signs because it’s such a clear one. Something clicks for you and your limiting beliefs are lifted, replacing self-doubt with confidence, fear with determination, and despair with a renewed sense of hope. Dreams and goals that once seemed impossible are in clear view. Abilities that were out of your comfort zone now seem totally doable. You feel more in tune with what you want and your life’s purpose. Spirit is revealing its plans to you now that you are ready to follow through.

If a calm and comforting voice starts speaking to you, it may be because your soul is now open to hearing it. Words of wisdom from your inner self or a loved one who has moved on—“Call your friend,” “Buy that book,” “Take that course,” “Turn left here” offer guidance exactly when you need it, and when you are ready for the truth. Although these words may sound simple, heed them. When you begin listening and trusting this guidance, more doors will open that will lead you to higher levels of intuition and serendipitous moments. 

Maybe a friend mentions a retreat and it sounds wonderful, then you see an ad for that same retreat later that evening. Or one day you read an article touting the benefits of a spiritual getaway—like connection, rejuvenation, renewed peace—and then your husband, wife, partner or friend suggests you take some time for yourself. The same idea or message appearing over and over in a short time period is a sure sign of an up and coming spiritual shift!  Don’t ignore these signs – they are there repeatedly for a very real reason. 

Now, could all these signs possibly be random coincidences? Sure, but more likely, they are invitations to explore your soul’s needs, a summons to dig deeper so you can make the changes necessary for living more in alignment with your higher self. These signs, when you pay close attention, are the soul’s wisdom calling to you to bring you closer to your higher power. 

What I hear from our Celebrate Your Life attendees, our Soul Tribe family, over and over again is that they felt called to come to our events. Many cited the very same signs from above. They felt like they needed a real shift in their lives or they felt off track or confused, and lost on their journeys. Then they heard about us or saw signs that led them to us at exactly the right moment. These “signs” were undeniable for them. They listened. They heeded the call. And their lives have never been the same since attending our events. They are more in tune with their inner wisdom, and have more of the experiences they were craving and they have shifted into higher levels of consciousness. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, I encourage you to pay close attention! Make note of the experiences. And if you see signs that point to Celebrate Your Life!, follow it and join us for healing wisdom, deep soul connections, life-altering revelations, and spiritual awakenings that create radical shifts that really do transform your life.