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Whether you believe you are or you are not, you are creative!

We are born to create and to express our own unique creative gifts. There are so many ways to express our creativity. We write, we draw, we paint, we lead, we inspire, we speak, we unite, we serve – creativity is nothing more than using the imagination to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. In other words, creativity is not just related to art. So be open to your unique creative talents, whether that’s solving complex problems, helping others communicate more effectively, building a business, artistic endeavors, or sharing your time with others in need.

Many extraordinary discoveries have come to fruition from one simple, creative idea. Consider sharing some of your best ideas with others.

Don’t worry that someone may “steal” your idea. Actually, the more creative you are, the more ideas you will have. Creativity, like abundance, is not in short supply despite what you might hear from others. Oftentimes, those who see lack in life are often disconnected from their own ability to create and thrive, and they are in conflict in themselves when they see others following or exploring their passions.

To be truthful, creativity does require a bit of a risk. It can feel vulnerable and a scary to try new things, to expose your deepest self to others, or to follow a passion you’ve had since childhood. If you are willing to take the risk and be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes, you will learn and do things you never thought you could.

There are several ways you can awaken and deepen your creative talents and gifts. You may have to explore different ways to find a practice that work best for you. By using just a few of these 7 steps to awaken and develop your creative genius, you will embrace your creativity and begin a journey that not only serves you, but will often help to inspire others:

  1. Capture Your Ideas
    Recording your ideas is one of the best ways to capture creative genius. In the past, I have forgotten ideas that I thought of when I was on a walk. Now I carry a digital recorder with me on those walks. At other times, I use my computer, notepad or journal. Choose whatever method of recording your ideas works best for you and make sure you always have a way to record your ideas. You never know when a genius idea will surface.
  2. Free Your Mind
    Many of the greatest scientists believed in limitless potential. They were able to see beyond the limits and look at everything they interacted with in an entirely new way. They often took notes, jotted their ideas on paper, and gave themselves permission to explore their curious natures. Capture all of your ideas, even the ones that seem impossible to implement or a little “out there.” This is important for two reasons. First, what seems impossible to you may not be impossible sometime in the future or for someone else. Second, impossible ideas encourage further creative ideas that might be more likely to be acted upon.
  3. Change of Scenery
    Just being in a new environment can stimulate the creative ideas. A change might be as simple as looking out a window. You can also visit someplace new like a park, beach, or mall. A new environment can foster new ideas and give you a fresh perspective.
  4. Learn Something New
    It is amazing how many ideas can be generated when we are focused on a totally unrelated subject or activity. Also, making time for play in your day can boost creative thinking. By broadening your knowledge, trying something new, or making room for play, your creativity can come alive and thrive.
  5. Get Moving
    Some of my best ideas for our events came to me while I was on a walk. Famous articles and speeches came about while the authors were walking or jogging. The best ideas often come when we are focused on something else entirely, like while driving or taking a shower! Immersing yourself in water, like a tub or a pool or lake tends to free our minds from repetitive thought patterns and swiftly carries in new ideas.
  6. Start Small
    It does not take a significant amount of time to brainstorm ideas. In fact, brainstorming works best when done for short periods of time. Set a timer for 10 minutes and jot down as many ideas as you can. Just let your mind go crazy and write whatever comes to mind. This exercise is incredibly liberating and allows you to be in the flow. Then capture anything that comes to mind throughout the rest of the day (see tip #1). You will be amazed by what happens if you make this a daily habit. We can actually train our brains to look for new ideas and new solutions! Try this for 7 days and take note of what you experience. 
  7. Think Big!
    What question are you asking to prompt your ideas? The larger the question, the larger the impact those ideas may have on the world. You can start by addressing smaller problems but don’t limit yourself to those. You have unique experience, knowledge and talents that can be applied to helping others on a grand scale as well.

Make room for play, be curious, and follow these tips and you will be on your way to living a creative life! You just never know where creativity will take you – maybe you’ll come up with an idea that changes the world. Simply start. Take the risk. Believe in yourself. You are of creation and therefore are here to create.

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