7 Ways to Get Grounded for Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being

These last couple of years have been difficult for many of us, probably an understatement. It’s challenged me to consistently use many of the techniques I’ve learned these past 27 years of working with the world’s greatest spiritual visionaries. 

From Wayne Dyer, to Deepak Chopra, Denise Linn, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Sunny Dawn Johnston and the list goes on. . .I’ve discovered numerous ways in which to get out of feeling “splatted” and find my true self.

Here are a few tips that you might find helpful:

  • Breathe:  I know this sounds so simple, but it works wonders. Take a long deep inhale as you count to 5, hold it for a second or two and then slowly release as you count to 7. This works wonders as your focus is completely on counting and taking long slow breaths. It will give your mind a few minutes to have a break from whatever is hurting or nagging at you.

Acknowledging your surroundings: these next few steps will help bring you into the present moment and take your mind away from thinking about things you cannot control and focusing on those things you can control, right here and now.

  • Notice 5 things you see around you and look at them carefully. What colors stand out for you in each item you are looking at? Really observe these items.
  • Find 4 things you can touch. It can be your hair, face, the chair you’re sitting on, or an ice-cube to really heighten your sense of touch. Pay attention to how they feel. What does the surface feel like?  Is it warm or cold to the touch?
  • Listen for 3 things you can hear. Maybe you can hear traffic outside, or a fan blowing, or a clock ticking.  Are they pleasant sounds. Listen very carefully to these 3 things for a few moments.
  • Inhale and notice 2 things you can smell. Are you wearing cologne, or is there a scented candle around you?  Become acutely aware of what you smell around you and if you cannot smell anything, find an essential oil, or flower you can smell.  
  • Now focus on taste. Acknowledge one thing you can taste.  Does your mouth taste like coffee, or maybe something you ate earlier?  If there’s nothing, then find something you can actually taste.

These steps help to take you out of your busy mind and back into your body and in the present moment.  When we allow our senses to be heightened it takes us out of our busy minds and back into our bodies.  

  • Move Your Body:  If you can get outside and take a brisk walk then do it!  If not, stretch and perhaps put on your favorite music and shake it up.  There’s nothing like putting music that you love and makes your heart sing and let loose!  Dance like no ones watching!

Remember, these exercises are great when you are feeling mentally and emotionally unbalanced.  Remember, allow your mind to focus on what you can control and do not let it waste your precious time on obsessing on things you cannot control….and breathe!


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