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🌱 Blog: Your Spiritual Journey and The Power of Community 🌱

The path to spiritual enlightenment often begins as a solitary endeavor. As we set out to discover our purpose, heal wounds, and cultivate inner peace, it’s not uncommon to feel isolated. The road to self-discovery requires deep introspection, after all, and this internal work can sometimes feel lonely. However, a spiritual journey doesn’t have to […]

The Lightworkers Path

Are you a lightworker?  Whether you’ve been studying and meditating for many years, or perhaps you’re a teacher of metaphysics or maybe you’re brand new to new ways of thinking and being in the world, you are a lightworker. I call being on a spiritual journey, the lightworkers path.  It’s not always an easy one […]

How an Earring Helped Me Sleep

Well, it’s not really about the earring, but it kind of is about the earring. For the past couple of years, every few weeks, I would find myself waking up in a panic and having the sense that someone or something was standing next to me on my side of the bed. After waking up […]

How to Use the Monkey Mind to Build Circuits By Dr. Sue Morter

I was so taken when I read this article by Dr. Sue Morter and just had to share it with all of you! Dr. Sue embodies a beautiful natural wisdom and we are blessed to have her teachings available to us. You can also come join us as Dr. Sue Morter leads a powerful life-changing […]

Speak Your Truth & Stay in Your Lane

There’s a great sense of freedom when you’ve discovered how to lovingly speak your truth, especially to family and friends who might push back. Have you ever had a feeling that you should speak up about something but held back and then later regretted it?  Or perhaps there was a time when you felt you […]

Re-Centering Your Mind & Rejuvenating Your Heart

We’ve all felt the exhaustion and monotony of the past 18 months. It’s been a roller coaster of information and emotions. Have there been moments when you’ve felt like throwing in the towel? Maybe with your Career? Relationships? Family? I get it. I’ve been there. But then December comes along, thank goodness! December is the […]

5 Essential Rituals for a Happier YOU!

All highly successful people build their own positive rituals. They know the importance of rituals and know that it is the first step in successful goal achievement. It’s time we stop living by default and take control of our lives, one ritual at a time. This blog features powerful tips related to creating rituals in […]

Before Your Feet Hit The Floor

How do you set your intention for the day? Beginning each and every day with intentionality and clarity will give you the best opportunity to move through your day with ease and grace. I call this exercise. . . “before your feet hit the floor.” During our recent CYL Skamania Retreat with Dr. Sue Morter, […]

Getting Back Into the Flow of Life

I’m going to be honest, raw and real.  December 2019, was our last in person program.  None of us had a clue what was coming in the next few months. We had NO idea that we would be grounded and sent to our rooms and not be able to do what we’re all trained to […]

How Exploring My Past Life Stopped the Nightmares

I was in college, 19 years old and once again struggling with nightmares and generally having a difficult time. I remember when I was around 5 years old, I would have these horrific nightmares and my mom would rush to my side after hearing me scream for help. They dissipated for awhile and then returned.  So, […]