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There are so many times that I am sitting in on a fabulous workshop or keynote session and have this amazing “aha” moment.

This happens frequently at CYL.

Then we leave the conference, we leave the cocooned energy of love and connection and we get back to our daily lives.  Slowly but surely, the high of being at CYL dissipates each day. Even though I often take copious notes, that feeeeeeeling is not the same.

I realized that in between events that I need support.  I need for my soul to be fed the way it was when I was in the room with my favorite spiritual teacher.

I’ve recently started listening to the recordings of all our past CYL’s and its magical.  It is bringing me back into that place of connection, that place of joy and I’m right back into the center of my heart once again.

I’m with Anita Moorjani, John Holland, Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsch or any of the amazing presenters and  brings me right back into clarity.

THIS is why we always make a strong effort to audio record our events… get to bring CYL right into your own living room.

Whether you attended CYL Chicago or not, this is a wonderful opportunity for YOU to have the conference at your fingertips.

For a VERY limited time, you may purchase CYL Chicago on audio download.

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Bring the love and wisdom of CYL into your own home.