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By Liz Dawn 

How many decisions have you made today? Depending on what time you read this—which is a choice in itself—probably hundreds already!

What to wear, what to make for lunch, what route to take to work, how much cream goes in your coffee, where will you park your car, when to make restaurant reservations, how far you can go before you need gas, how to fit in a trip to the gym when you have to take your dog to the vet etc., on and on, and those are just the basic choices you must navigate to get through your day! That doesn’t even include the continuous larger life choices, like what you desire in a partner, what career to follow, how to move closer to Spirit and live in brighter Light.

We spend so much energy wondering if we “made the right choice.” Wouldn’t it be helpful if you felt confident in your ability to make clear, effective decisions grounded in your truest, most authentic self? Of course it would! Caroline Myss, New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned spiritual speaker on human consciousness, intuition, and the power of choice, can teach you how to do just that at CYL Phoenix!

Decisions never end; they are how we grow and learn. You will make decisions until the breath leaves your body for the last time. And while some are more difficult than others, each one contributes to your energetic blueprint on this planet. Each choice shifts your life path to varying degrees and brings you to new decisions that will further affect your world and the world at large. No wonder so many of us get stuck in a loop of indecision sometimes! It can feel like a lot of pressure to just choose, and fear of choosing “wrong” can be a tall hurdle to jump.

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear and rendered unable to make a decision? You are not alone! The ability to confront your fears and make clear decisions in line with your authentic self is one of the most important and yet hardest skills to learn. Inner wisdom doesn’t appear from nowhere, and that’s why we created Celebrate Your Life—to gather together spiritual teachers who can pass along their years of experience and knowledge to you. (Plus, we have tons of fun—laughing, dancing, and accepting each others’ authentic selves wholeheartedly.)

Caroline’s keynote at Celebrate Your Life Phoenix is going to blow us all away with her insights and tips about facing your fears and limiting beliefs in order to be able to make choices on a deeper soul level. Decisions made out of fear are never the right ones, and she will provide practical guidance that can shift your decision-making process into something more genuine and soul-nourishing.

Here is just a taste of what you will learn from Caroline about the incredible life-changing benefits of making powerful choices. 

First, choice is power. It’s the one thing we can control in our chaotic and hectic lives—our responses to what is. We can always choose one way or another, even if what we are choosing is simply how to respond to an uncontrollable situation. The most effective way to protect ourselves from the surprises the world throws at us is to develop a deep trust in our own internal compass, an ability to weave together all the input from our minds, hearts, and souls to make decisions for our own best outcomes. Caroline calls this state “deep clarity,” and she can teach you how to reach that state and use it to evaluate all the decisions in your life.

Second, you are here, on this planet now, for a reason. An important reason. Your soul has a purpose, a goal, something it came to do right here, right now. We spiritually-inclined folks talk about living our authentic lives, and a large, large part of that is making choices that are in line with your true purpose. Each decision you make will either lead you closer or farther from that goal. Of course, you can always course-correct and get back on track, but trust me, it feels amazing to know how to make those tough decisions each time you hit a fork in the road! Caroline can help you gain the confidence to choose wisely and with greater clarity of spirit.

Third, you can choose to celebrate your life! Caroline suggests we bless every day we’re alive, existing as a person in this world, because to live is a gift. Source has given you this life, and it’s beautiful in all its joy and sorrow. When we choose the light, when we decide to learn from challenges rather than wallow in the hardship, when we look for the good in others and ourselves, we bring blessings upon the Earth.

One of the ways Caroline says you can be sure a choice is right is when it spreads Light. So, spread your light! We can decide to be a center of light or darkness, of wisdom or suffering, and whichever we choose will ripple out into the world. When you choose to focus on light, love, and the gift of life, your existence will begin to shift in incredible ways. You are always in charge of yourself, your feelings, your integrity, and it’s up to you to make decisions that hold up your personal truths.

As a last note, Caroline says that right now is a particularly important time—like no other in history—for us to all be making powerful choices, choices that stem from our deep internal desire to spread light through this world. 

All of you Soul Tribers have unique and special gifts that will help you achieve the goal your soul came to Earth to accomplish. Learning to choose from a sense of “deep clarity” as Caroline describes it, will lead you down the path you were meant to travel, and contribute to the bettering of the world as well.

So if you’re ready to forever change the way you make your choices come join us in Phoenix for the most extraordinary soul-fest of the year.

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