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Gregg Braden

There are many things I love about Celebrate Your Life. One of them is the diversity of our audience. People come from all over the world. Liz has done such an awesomely beautiful, skillful and masterful job of putting together a faculty that reflects the truth of the way we learn.

Sonia Choquette

As a spiritual teacher and speaker in trusting your intuition, It’s hard to trust yourself when you have no witnesses and no encouragement, or what I call believing eyes. When you are with kindred spirits and you’re not feeling that number one fear of being a weirdo or odd man out, and actually in community […]

Neale Donald Walsch

When people come to Celebrate Your Life events, they find themselves again reconfirmed. It’s a wonderful process by which people say, “Oh, I thought that must be true. I had hoped that that was how it is,” and so they find assurance that their highest and most wonderful idea that they have about life and […]

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Celebrate Your Life draws people in who are ready to hear the messages they need to learn, grow and expand. The energy at these events is unlike any other event. It’s like a family. The physical connection, the meeting of like minds, and the energy are palpable. People come with an intention of what they […]

Anita Moorjani

When people attend a Celebrate Your Life event, they actually feel they found a place where they belong because we live in a world that doesn’t accept a lot of the values of people who have had extraordinary spiritual experiences or even people who believe in such things that are outside of science and medicine. […]

John Holland

What’s different about Celebrate Your Life? There’s a vibe when you come to a Celebrate Your Life event or retreat, whether it’s in Arizona, Phoenix, Washington, Skamania, or elsewhere. Online stuff is great but there is something special when you are face to face, in the presence of other people’s spirits. That’s what matters. Especially […]

Lisa Nichols

First of all, I’ve been honored to be a speaker at Celebrate Your Life for many years. These events unite people from all over the world in a way that actually starts the ripple effect of bringing spirituality to everyone’s life in no matter what shape or form it came in. So for me, why […]

Denise Linn

I’ve been a speaker for 49 years and I’ve been so honored to be here at Celebrate Your Life because the events are different from all the multitude of conferences that I’ve participated in around the world. Celebrate Your Life events feels like family. These events are not just about the speakers. They are about […]

Colette Baron Reid

Celebrate Your Life events are run like a big giant family and a party. There are dinners and all kinds of joint activities that you don’t really find in other conferences. There’s no comparison to the live component where you show up, meet other people face to face and experience this cohesiveness. There is an […]