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Carolyn H.

The whole experience filled my soul with the possibilities of what I want and need to create.

Rachel C.

I have been filled with such joy and hope since the retreat. It was by far the most uplifting and positive event I have EVER attended.

Laura D.

I was so anxious going by myself and spending the money, but I took a leap of faith. The whole experience has absolutely changed me. I’m more relaxed and walking lighter. Thank You Celebrate Your Life!

Anne Marie S

This retreat was not only spiritual but a vacation that will never be forgotten.

Catherine L.

My first Celebrate Your Life retreat and the most fulfilling and happy experience I have ever had. Love is overflowing from my heart. Thank you my tribe!

Jan C

This thing you’ve created is beyond words! The speakers were fabulous! But beyond that was a collective heartbeat that pulsed through the crowd. Every woman that walked through that door had a story to tell, and they were met with loving, supportive women to bear witness to those stories.