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For the Love of Crystals!

I remember when my mom started bringing home crystals in the late 70’s. I’d never seen one before.  She started to explain that crystals have an energy of their own and were used by the Ancient Egyptians for healing and protection and many of their jewelry pieces included lapis, turquoise, clear quartz, malachite and many […]

What to do When You’ve Had Enough!!

You’ve probably heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   Well, when you’re in a rut or life throws a global virus in your path, and it’s ridiculously hot outside and you have to reconfigure the way you used to do things and you […]

From Introspection into Celebration – Moving from Season to Season

These past few months have been challenging. It’s been a time of social distancing, isolation, very little physical connection. I sometimes feel that we’ve all been thrown into a place of self-reflection and introspection whether or not we want to or not. We cannot walk about the world the way it currently is and not […]

7 Ways to Awaken and Develop Your Creative Genius

Whether you believe you are or you are not, you are creative! We are born to create and to express our own unique creative gifts. There are so many ways to express our creativity. We write, we draw, we paint, we lead, we inspire, we speak, we unite, we serve – creativity is nothing more […]

Rachel C.

I have been filled with such joy and hope since the retreat. It was by far the most uplifting and positive event I have EVER attended.

5 Easy Practices for Staying Strong in Troubling Times

At times, it can seem like the whole world has turned upside down.  Maybe there is a personal issue wreaking havoc in your life, or perhaps it’s more of a global issue keeping you awake at night and occupying your mind during the day. There is certainly no shortage of troubling news these days as […]