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By Liz Dawn

Hello, Soul Tribers! When was the last time you experienced a miracle?

Think about the power and joy that miracle created in your heart, the change it prompted, the lessons it provided, the doors it opened and/or the dreams it launched in your mind and in your life. It was probably a life-changing burst of light and energy that you’ll remember forever.

Miracles are just that: miraculous, astonishing, wondrous moments that teach us so much about our truest selves and our Divine mission in this life and on this earth.

Wouldn’t you like to experience miracles more often? 

If you come to Celebrate Your Life Phoenix, you can work with an amazing list of the most prominent and powerful spiritual teachers, healers, and visionaries of our time, including Marianne Williamson, leading expert of attracting miracles! With the wisdom and insights gained in Marianne’s keynote, you’ll be able to increase love and decrease fear in your day-to-day interactions with yourself and others, shift your perceptions about what you are capable of achieving, and invite the Light and Love of Source into your soul by opening up to the power of miracles!

Marianne Williamson is a true gift from God to the world! I can attest to this personally, but first let me tell you about her incredible credentials.

For more than thirty-five years, internationally acclaimed lecturer and author Marianne Williamson has been one of the country’s most well-known voices. She has appeared on nationally-televised shows including Oprah, Super Soul Sunday, Larry King Live, and Good Morning Americato speak about the importance of overcoming self-doubt and fear and accepting our inner potential to be “powerful beyond measure.”

Miracles exist within us and Marianne has spent her life dedicated to spreading that message, and teaching seekers how to attain the key to soul expansion. When you learn from her, you learn from a master. We are so lucky to have her as part of the CYL family.

Marianne has published seven New York Times Best Selling books, (yes, seven!) four of which made it to #1! She has written twelve books total, includingThe Law of Divine CompensationThe Age of MiraclesEveryday GraceA Woman’s WorthIlluminataHealing the Soul of AmericaA Course in Weight LossThe Gift of ChangeEnchanted LoveA Year of Miracles, and her newest book, Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment. 

These books, along with Marianne’s fabulous online teachings, A Course in Miracles, have facilitated some of my most amazing miracles, and have brought amazing and life-changing miracles to thousands and thousands of other soul-seekers as well. I have witnessed the live, in-person magic of Marianne shifting the lives and perceptions of Soul Tribers at previous Celebrate Your Life events, and I know Phoenix will provide the same amazing results. You can’t come to these soul-fests and leave the same person. It’s just not possible.

The soul transformations at CYL events are a big part of why I love my job! The teachings of Marianne, along with other ground-breaking spiritual guidance, helped me intertwine my soul path and my career path so I can, as Marianne says, not just work, but “work miracles”. It’s one of my greatest joys: seeing the faces of people experiencing the Divine Love of a miracle, the transformation of an internal spiritual shift, an epiphany about their authentic self. I also love hearing about the lasting results of these monumental changes.

Miracles may start at these workshops, but they follow you home and keep making magic. Because as Marianne has taught me, and can teach you, the power to attract miracles resides within us. We just need to learn to access it.

Not only does Marianne Williamson work toward helping each of us manifest our own individual miracles, she has devoted her life to expanding the good work of each soul into a collective energetic force for enacting change on this planet and resonating out into the universe at large. She co-founded the organization Peace Alliance, and in 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that has served, to date, over 11 million meals to homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Talk about a force for good!

Most recently, Marianne has begun focusing on how the core principles she’s learned and taught to others about internal change and attracting miracles can be applied to bring about a spiritual revolution during this turbulent time in our cultural climate. The lessons of higher consciousness can contribute to tipping the scales towards positivity, beauty, and hope, and Marianne is helping to lead that charge.

Miracles exist, and Marianne Williamson can direct you toward manifesting more of them in your life for deeper soul authenticity and expanded Light of Spirit. Those small stones of good energy that radiate into your life then radiate out into the universe.

But first you have to show up…

So if you’re attracted to this kind of learning, and you’re being called to experience Marianne and all of the wonderful teachers that will be with us in Phoenix…

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The answers you seek could be just a few clicks away.

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