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Challenge and Change Your Reality: Explore the Profound Teachings of Neale Donald Walsch
By Liz Dawn

You know that quote about how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Change requires change. It sounds so simple, but it takes courage to stop the cycle of fruitlessness, determination to break it, and a supportive community of like-minded cheerleaders and virtual huggers like our Soul Tribe to keep your eyes on the prize. Gently pushing at the boundaries of our own safe spaces is how we achieve the personal transformations we are all seeking.

If you’ve been considering taking a step (or two) outside your spiritual comfort zone in order to reach higher levels of consciousness and transformation, Celebrate Your Life can help!

It’s hard to admit, but sometimes we all fall prey to the type of spiritual, mental, or emotional spinning in circles that we might not define as insanity but still find frustrating. I know I have! We get stuck in a rut, or we think we have our self-care and spiritual practices down pat. But how can we expect to grow, to change, to move more deeply into our best selves if we don’t continue to at least occasionally step off our own beaten path and experience something new?

Now is the perfect time to shake up your spiritual routine! If you have been looking for a way to branch out in your spiritual practices, expand your intuition, and strengthen your link to the higher realms, our workshop with Neale Donald Walsch at Celebrate Your Life Skamania is the opportunity you’ve been searching for. It will quite literally challenge your previous realities, invite you to think about what it means to be Fully Awakened, and help bring you closer to God.

All of our CYL events provide you with positive personal evolution and firmer connections to Spirit and other soul-seekers—our Soul Tribe as we like to call ourselves (and you, the second you arrive!)—and our Skamania Retreat will offer that and more. Surrounded by the rushing Columbia River and Oregon’s lush greenery, this retreat is intimate, nourishing, and the sky so big it feels like an invitation to higher realms. It really is the ideal place for communing with your authentic self and beyond.

I’m especially excited to tell you about our workshop with the one and only Neale Donald Walsh! This one-of-a-kind experience expands upon his earlier teachings and also tackles brand new material that will lead you further toward personal progress, and consequently, Universal progress, steering you and the larger world toward the light of Spirit.

I have known and worked with Neale for decades, more than twenty years now, and he is truly one of the most profound spiritual teachers and thought leaders alive today. Some of my biggest spiritual breakthroughs and “aha” moments were facilitated by him directly at a CYL event, or came about afterward, or after reading one of his amazing books. Just talking to him will soothe your soul!

It’s not only me who recognizes Neale as a foundational pillar of the spiritual community; he has a bajillion followers, his books are bestsellers—Conversations with God is the longest-running spiritually-based book on the New York Times Bestseller List—and at CYL Skamania you can work with him personally in a small, close-knit setting surrounded by the power of Nature and the beauty of Source on full display. The workshop ends with a thirty-minute process during which you might even have your very own conversation with God right there at the edge of the Columbia River Gorge!

In addition to soaking up the calm and loving energy of Neale, in this three-hour workshop, he will discuss the ideas and messages he received from God in his newest book, specifically about Highly Evolved Beings who are helping humanity towards advancing our individual and collective evolutionary processes, serving to move the human species forward and closer to the limitless love and light of Source.

How exciting is it to know there are other beings working with us toward the same goal of celebrating who we are and our interconnectedness? Each one of us who radiates love and authenticity influences the energy of the world to the good. You have great power and possibility within you, which is one of the things Neale has helped to teach me.

In Neale’s special workshop at Skamania, you will also learn what it means to be Fully Awakened, and spend some time examining the Five Ways to Know if One Is Fully Awakened so you can discover what personal avenues need exploring on your path to enlightenment. Neale will talk about the sixteen differences that distinguish humans who live in an unawakened state from Highly Evolved Beings, and the Seven Tools for integrating the Advanced Behaviors of those Higher Beings into your daily routines and habits. Neale has said that these behavioral transformations are so powerful that even just one or two of them can significantly improve your life. And you get all seven in one day!

So, are you ready to take a leap of faith into yourself and Spirit, move closer to conversing with God? There couldn’t be a better support team to encourage you along the way than the Celebrate Your Life Soul Tribe, nor a better guide than Neale Donald Walsch.

If you know this is for you, take a leap of spirit and sign up for one of the few remaining spots for this intimate spiritual gathering in Skamania.

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See you soon,