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We have compiled a list of questions that we receive on a regular basis. We invite you to review our frequently asked questions below.

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Please read the following to find answers to commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please fill out the form above or email us at and one or our team members will respond as quickly as possible.

A retreat allows you to withdraw from the frantic pace of life to give you time to reflect, to rest and reconnect with your soul so you can experience a transformation. Our retreats are intimate and take place in some of the most beautiful places in the country at top destination resorts. In an intimate setting due to limited attendance, you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with renowned spiritual teachers. While each retreat may include different activities, all of our retreats provide inner journeys (a chance to explore a particular topic with a spiritual teacher in a smaller setting), and thrilling and rejuvenating outdoor adventures like hikes, zip lining, aerial parks, outdoor meditations and water activities. 

While a retreat is focused on experiential learning and transformation, a workshop focuses on learning and then applying what you learned during the workshop. Those who attend our workshops desire to learn or grow in a specific area. Our workshops feature some of the most influential spiritual teachers and are focused on inspiring the audience by sharing their process or practice and then offering tools and guidance in that art or skill. Just like our retreats, our workshops offer self-care options like yoga or meditation and always delicious and nutritious food. Workshops tend to have a larger audience so are less intimate than a retreat. 

A conference is a higher energy gathering with a large audience focused on a particular theme. For example, we recently produced the International Women’s Summit that included women leaders like Lisa Nichols, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Elizabeth Gilbert who shared their wisdom, inspired, motivated, and encouraged women in the audience to believe in and pursue their dreams. While there are breaks each day during a conference, the majority of your time is spent indoors listening and learning from leading influencers in a particular niche or industry. Unlike a workshop or a retreat, you are there to learn and then apply what you learned after the conference.

Our greatest mission and sole purpose at Celebrate Your Life! is producing one-of-a-kind events and retreats that open people’s hearts, foster and nurture soul to soul connections in our soul tribe family and provide a safe space for lasting spiritual transformation. We care and we love what we do, and this shows and is felt in each and every event and retreat we produce.

At Celebrate Your Life!, we believe you can experience an extraordinary transformation when provided up close and personal interactions with the most influential spiritual teachers of our time embraced in the arms of a supportive and nurturing soul tribe family all while cocooned in some of the most magnificent and healing settings.

Our events and retreats are created for and tailored to people who are on a spiritual path or questioning their spiritual journey; for people seeking to learn, grow and experience from the wisdom of their favorite spiritual teachers; and for people who want to connect with a like-minded spiritual community.

Every event we curate and produce is infused with the intention of giving each and every person who steps into a Celebrate Your Life! event or retreat a feeling of belonging, acceptance, connection, and support so they can freely and safely engage with spiritual teachers, with our staff and with other attendees. Our events and retreats encourage each person to be authentically themselves, to have meaningful and insightful conversations, and to explore the deepest parts of themselves so they come to understand the power and purpose they hold within to create and celebrate their lives.

We are not currently providing Live Stream for every event. If you are interested in a specific event, please check our events page.

We do have audio recordings of many of our workshops from over 24 years in producing one-of-a-kind events and retreats. Visit our online store to browse audio workshops.

Some events are audio-recorded and available for purchase. Please visit our online store to browse audio workshops, jewelry and unique gifts. 

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.  Your event registration packet is provided at the venue and available for pick up at the Will-Call/Registration table.  You will need your photo ID to pick up your packet. We do not provide packets unless person is present and provides a photo ID.

We do have a bookstore at our events where you will be able to browse the latest releases by our featured authors as well as some favorite titles and items. Many of our authors will have a book signing after their presentation, however, you will need to check each event for details.

We recommend dressing comfortably. The spaces are climate controlled and we do our best to ensure that everyone is comfortable. However, we suggest you bring layers in case you get chilly. Some of our retreats and workshops may require different additional attire for outdoor adventures, yoga and dance parties.

We provide delicious and nutritious food and vegan and gluten free options. To keep you feeling energized and focused as you learn from great spiritual teachers and embark on incredible journeys, we do our best to provide food that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. You are also welcome to bring any food or drink items you wish.  

At Celebrate Your Life! we do everything in our power to ensure no one comes to our retreats or events feeling alone. When you register for a retreat or an event, you will receive an invitation to join a private Facebook group specific to the retreat or event you are attending. Over the past 24 years,  we continue to hear the same feedback: our events feel like home, like family, because of our connected and engaged soul tribe community. Our community gives you a sense of belonging from true soul connections made before you even attend one of our events.

While we do provide an extra assistance team to support anyone who would like an extra hand or needs special accommodations, we are not currently offering ASL or translators at our events and retreats.  If you require or would like extra assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know when you register for a Celebrate Your Life! event.

We do have vendors who offer unique gifts and items at our events. Vendors vary from event to event so feel free to email us if you would like more information regarding what items and gifts we are offering at specific events.

If you feel you have a product that aligns with our mission and purpose, please inquire via email and one of our team members will respond.

We host an amazing Speakers Program to support up and coming speakers! This is a great place to start because you’ll receive training, tools and special opportunities needed to begin a successful speaking career. We are redesigning the program, so email to be added to the interest list.

We do provide a Staff Work Scholarship Program as an opportunity to be of service. This program is not, however, conducive for people who want to attend our events for free. Our scholarship program requires training and a commitment to serve others during the event. If you’d like to learn more or apply, please email us at

While not all of our events have scholarships available, we welcome your inquiry at

What’s included in registration will vary by event. Our retreats are designed to allow you the space you need to focus on the insights you receive throughout the event. To that end, we have taken care of almost everything for you, including most meals, access to spiritual teachings from renowned leaders, special inner journeys and more.

While we do arrange for a group rate at hotels, the payment for the hotel is handled separately by you. You will receive hotel information via email upon registration. We always recommend that you book your room as soon as you register for the event to avoid discounted rooms being sold out. You are also responsible for travel to and from the event/retreat destination. If, however, we have an offsite block of hotel rooms, we do provide a complimentary shuttle to/from the event daily for all attendees. 

For some events, we offer additional options as listed on the event page.

Absolutely! We are more than happy to work with you in creating a custom payment plan to suit your needs. Please call our office at 480-970-8543 or email us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Retreat and event tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

When you register for an event, you will receive an invitation to join a private Facebook group for the specific event. In this group, you can post a request to find a roommate or to carpool with others who are attending. This is also a great way to get to know each other and build connections prior to attending the event.

We have a private Facebook group for connecting with other like-minded people. Visit Click Here and request to join >>>

Our private Facebook event groups are for event attendees only. When you register for an event, you will receive an invitation to join a private Facebook group for this specific event. The purpose of our private Facebook groups is to provide a way for our attendees to meet and connect while also allowing us to share important updates and tips on getting the most out of an event.