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I was in college, 19 years old and once again struggling with nightmares and generally having a difficult time.

I remember when I was around 5 years old, I would have these horrific nightmares and my mom would rush to my side after hearing me scream for help.

They dissipated for awhile and then returned.  So, on this particular weekend after having these nightmares again, I went home to see my mom thinking she would help me make sense of what was happening.

My mom, Ariel, and her friend Ellen, were in the process of creating a Holistic Healing Center and Ellen was at the house as well.

It was 1980 and this kind of thing was not as popular as it is today. But by this point in Ariel’s life, she’d been studying all things spiritual so it wasn’t unusual when she directed the conversation to reincarnation and past lives.

Ariel thought that maybe these recurring nightmares were about something unresolved from another lifetime.  I did my usual eye roll and said “yeah right mom!” 

She immediately jumped into educator teacher mode, and she started to explain about past lives. “Elisabeth, we know that the body dies and although some people think that’s the end or our lives, but what if, for a moment you opened to the possibility that when your body dies your soul is still very much alive. And what if your soul chose to incarnate into different lifetimes as a way to learn and grow?”

She could see that I looked confused, and continued to share. “For instance, have you ever met someone and felt as if you’ve known them forever, but just met them?”  I nodded. “Well, this is probably because your soul recognizes them from another time and place.”

Still a bit skeptical, I asked, “but how do we know if we’ve lived other lifetimes?

“Great question” Ariel responded. “Often times we will have a strong affinity for something or perhaps even an aversion.  Or we can experience unexplained phobias with no particular experience to activate them or even extraordinary talents at a very young age.  Or maybe even sometimes we could have recurring nightmares”, she smiled.

“But what do I do about it? How does knowing this help me?” I asked.

She started to explain again, “There’s a process called Past Life Regression. It is a hypnosis process that guides a person into recovering memories from a past lifetime.  A trained professional in this process will guide you back into your life allowing you to drop into a very deep almost meditative state allowing your conscious mind to get out of the way to find out what’s underneath and in the soul’s memory.”

My eyes widened and asked, “can I try this?  I mean, I don’t know if I really believe this or not!”

She responded, “yes, its okay if you don’t believe in it.  We can try and see what happens.”

Ellen, my mom’s friend who was observing this conversation was trained in this process and I agreed to try it.

With both Ellen and Ariel by my side, I laid down on my bedroom floor.  Ellen counted to 10 backwards and with every number I got more and more relaxed.  She then guided me slowly through a tunnel, and then up a staircase to a doorway.   She made some references about when I opened this door I would travel through time into another place in my history where I needed to gain some insights and answers.

And there it was. BOOM.  I landed into the body of a young teenage boy in Germany.  Nazi Germany.  It was so vivid and clear.  I could see everything.  I was amazed at how real it felt.  I was a Jewish boy, taken from my family and put into a concentration camp.  I could see everything in detail, all the people around me, the colors, what I was wearing, and how deeply sad and scared I was with what was going on around me.

Ellen guided me to the end of this life and I saw how I died.  I was killed by the Nazi’s protecting an older man. I was sobbing throughout this entire process.

Once Ellen brought me back to the present, I sat there and cried. I was stunned. After a few moments we all sat and talked.  I discovered how I was killed correlated to the physical issues I had when I was born as Liz in this lifetime.

It was one of the most remarkable spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. There is no doubt in my mind this was a lifetime my soul experienced.  No doubt at all.

Days later,  I noticed the nightmares were gone.  I made peace with that past lifetime and could release it. I also had the opportunity to pay attention to my own behavior about being Jewish in this lifetime. I had been frightened to put a Mezuzah on my doorway showing my Judaism, and this had softened.

Since that time, I explored other past life regressions, done quite a bit of reading and studying about reincarnation and continue to be quite fascinated by how enormously healing this process can be for everyone.

Where might have you been in a past life?  Are there unanswered questions about your life that might be hidden from another time and place?

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