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Hello! It’s me again, Liz Dawn, with even more tips that you can use to connect with your higher self, feel better in your body, soothe your mind and soul…. and start learning how to Celebrate Your Life!

Now, as we round the corner into mid-April, we could all use a little extra help staying energetically balanced, couldn’t we? Because in the back of our minds, we know that everybody’s favorite time of year is here: tax season!

Just kidding.

Looming deadlines, pulling together receipts, and trying to decipher tax lingo is hardly fun… and after all the forms and fees (and stress) of the process, I am more than ready to revisit and revitalize the practices that normally keep me grounded and centered.

How about you, Soul Tribers? Are you feeling mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually overtaxed these days?

Occasionally we can’t help slipping out of our healthy habits when things get chaotic or overwhelming… sometimes there are just too many plates spinning all at once. Life is unpredictable (which is part of what makes it so great!) but it’s important to remember the things that keep us living our best, most authentic lives… and to recharge and recommit to self-care.

So, here are three of my favorite tried and true ways to renew my spirit… and I bet they’ll work for you, too!

Bonus? The IRS can’t tax these assets.

1. Meditate

Meditation, meditation, meditation. Did I say meditation?

This is my number one recommended practice for dealing with stress, anxiety, and the inevitable questions, big and small, that arise daily in our busy busy minds. We spend so much time looking for answers and validation outside of ourselves—we use food, shopping, alcohol, etc., as temporary solutions that never work because they are external. What we really need is to go deeper into ourselves.

For me, meditation is about stillness, about allowing some space for my soul to be heard, for my angels and higher self to reach me with messages. If your mind is always chattering away, how can you expect to hear the answers you seek? Meditation leads to stillness, and stillness, complete silence, is where I find my truth.

2. Go Outside

Do you sit indoors, in your house or at your office, and stare longingly outside at the wind blowing through the trees or the flowers popping up through the snow and wish you weren’t cooped up? Well, you don’t have to be!

Getting outside is the best way to connect with Mother Earth. To be surrounded by nature is to be surrounded by spirit, by the divine light that made the universe, by God and your angels, and that closeness recharges you to your inner core. Think about the warm comfort when the sun touches your skin, or how you refreshed you feel after a dip in the ocean or a walk in the rain. Nature is healing; it’s the easiest form of self-care and spiritual renewal available. All you have to do is open a door and take a few steps. Breathe the fresh air, slip off your shoes, sit in the shade of a tree.

It’s ideal if you can get to a place where nature still reigns supreme, but even just walking around your neighborhood can do wonders to lower your stress levels and boost your mood. Hiking, skiing, swimming, or simply sitting in the grass will help ground you, deepen your breathing, energize and relax your body, and revive you inside and out.

3. Celebrate with Your Soul Tribe

Nothing provides more of a spiritual reboot than the experience of Celebrate Your Life events. The energy of hundreds of like-minded spiritual seekers in one place at one time reverberates into your soul and lights you up. Not only are you buoyed by the love and trust and bonds you make with your fellow attendees, but you get to benefit from the expertise of some of the most sought-after spiritual healers, motivational speakers, and psychic mediums working today.

You might even get some unexpected magic… the kind that happens when we’re all in the room together. Plus, we get goofy, relax and let our hair down, and really enjoy ourselves. That’s part of the fun!

Celebrate Your Life events truly are life-changing. You come away with the knowledge that you are never alone, physically or spiritually. You are reminded that you always have the support of your soul tribe, the love of the Universe, a connection to loved ones who have moved into spirit, and the wisdom of your higher self… you just have to train yourself to listen.

Which is why I’m so excited to tell you that this summer, Celebrate Your Life is hosting a brand-new retreat where you’ll be able to tap into all three of these powerful tools for self-care… in one magical place.

This intimate spiritual gathering takes place at the beautiful Skamania Lodge, August 9-13… deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and surrounded by the magnificent energy of the Columbia River… and is the perfect setting for a magical mystical journey of the soul.

You’ll experience four days of immersive masterclass sessions where you can take a workshop with Neale Donald Walsch and have your own conversation with God, learn the tools necessary to further your own psychic and intuitive abilities with John Holland and Lisa Williams, get grounded and experience spiritual alchemy with Denise Linn, and transform your mind with Dr. Joe Dispenza …  just to name a few

PLUS …your choice of spiritual adventure activities including:

Seating at this retreat is extremely limited so please book early to confirm your spot.

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Hope to see you there,