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I’m going to be honest, raw and real.  December 2019, was our last in person program.  None of us had a clue what was coming in the next few months.

We had NO idea that we would be grounded and sent to our rooms and not be able to do what we’re all trained to do.  We had no idea that it would take us 20 months to be able to be together again and in person.

The whole world was in shock and stood still.

For me, it definitely took its toll on me personally and professionally.  I’ve had good days and bad days. The bad days were filled with hopelessness.  They were filled with doubt, money worries and concerns about losing my business that took 26 years of my life to create. I felt irrelevant and it scared me at times, but there was something deep inside me that kept me going. Something that kept me getting up every single morning, putting on clothes, meditating and working to stay focused. Perhaps it is a passion and love for what I do in the world, for bringing community together and sharing our spiritual path.

In these difficult moments, I practiced everything I’ve been studying.  Staying in the present moment, choosing thoughts that serve me, being more patient with myself and others, meditating, pulling cards, sometimes a good cry or a whining sobbing phone call to a friend and of course asking Spirit for direction.

And now that I’ve walked through fire, alongside all of you in your lives and with your own struggles, I believe it’s time to come out of hibernation and re-emerge from our cocoons.

AND what does this look like?  How do we do this?

We’re all going to have a different way of stepping out again. For some it might be slow, steady, gentle and cautious.  For others, it might be swift and jumping back into socializing and traveling right away.

There’s no right or wrong. I think if this time has taught us anything, it’s how to follow our inner guidance and be more in touch with our intuition. Continuing to use our intuition will be a strong ally as you bring your life into balance.

For me it’s been slow and steady.  I’ve had some social distance gatherings with friends.  I’ve been to the mall and the grocery store. And now we are beginning to prepare ourselves to get back to our live programs again.

I’m beyond thrilled…and it will be done in a way that honors those who feel a bit cautious or for those who want to jump in with both feet!

Our first event since December 2019 will happen on August 11 – 15, 2021 at the exquisite Skamania Lodge overlooking the Columbia River Gorge in Washington.  Just 45 minutes from Portland Oregon Airport, Skamania will drench you in nature, beauty and a heart opening experience.

Skamania is pure magic and is the perfect backdrop to renew your soul and for the re-emergence of being together in community.

Dr. Sue Morter will present this amazing retreat where during our time together you will focus on healing on every level in your life by working with the energies of limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions, and the dreams and visions that they impede.

Most importantly we will be activating and engaging the great Healer within to weave together a profound understanding of how ALL of life’s circumstances can help us transform ourselves into our most magnificent expression.

We will utilize healing circles with transmissions and activations of our highest healing power within. We will work with embodiment techniques of higher levels of consciousness and understand how the Universe is in support of us emerging even stronger and more brilliant than we’ve ever been — our true-life purpose.

I hope you will join us for this very special event.

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