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After meeting me in person, seeing me on stage at our events, or even watching one of my Facebook Lives, you might imagine that nothing would frighten me about stepping into the role of leading workshops and being a spiritual speaker.

When I decided to allow my voice to be heard in the world, and began teaching I noticed how anxious I felt.  What??  Me??  Really??

I’m not shy, I love being on stage at our events, so what was the issue?  It really took me by surprise!

I had to ask myself some important questions.  Did I feel worthy of stepping into this role?  Did I have information that would help to serve others?  Was this something that I really wanted to do?  What was this anxiety about?

I knew I wasn’t frightened about being in front of people and I certainly understand how to embody good stage presence from my training and career as an actor for over 15 years, but for some reason this anxiety plagued me.

After some deep soul searching, I discovered that stepping into this role was a bit intimidating and I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it valuable.  I was so accustomed to being behind the scenes and introducing other teachers. 

So, I did an experiment.  I offered some free classes to see if anyone would show up.  After the classes I sent out feedback forms that could be filled out anonymously.

To my surprise, the reviews were splendid!  People seemed to resonate with the information, they felt it was valuable and they wanted to learn the next step.

I moved through the fear and allowed my voice to be heard.  

As I continued this journey, I realized that people had a desire to learn how to become a spiritual speaker.  Well, I certainly know A LOT about that!  I’ve been working with the creme de la creme for over 25 years.  I have a keen eye on what works and what doesn’t work.  I know how to help up and coming speakers how to grow their visibility and introduce themselves to event producers and definitely know what producers are looking for!

This realization led me and best selling author and one of our regularly featured speakers at our Celebrate Your Life events, Sunny Dawn Johnston and I to create the Celebrate Your Life Speakers Program.

It is specifically designed for anyone who is looking to be a spiritual speaker OR who already has a career and is looking for some guidance and insight from two long time veterans in the spiritual speaking industry!

For more information on the program visit: