Happy Summer and Welcome to the CYL June ’22 Newsletter! June?? Is it really June already?

June’s a significant month for me. This is the month when my mom, Ariel, transitioned into spirit and it’s our Anniversary month for Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events. 28 years! WOW! My mom and I worked side-by-side for 15 years creating transformational events and we’re still going strong.

Since it’s our Anniversary month, we have some fun and inspiring gifts for you and also deeply discounted products that we will be sending you via email throughout the month for being part of our amazing CYL Community!

Here’s what’s featured in this month’s newsletter to inspire and support you on your journey:

FEATURED BLOG: Guest blogger this month, Dr. Sue Morter!
FEATURED EVENT: Summer Healing Retreat with Dr. Sue Morter
HEALTHFUL HOLISTIC TIPS with DR. JEFF: Multi-Vitamins: Which ones work?
FEATURED PRODUCT: Blue Apatite Heart and Sphere
SAVE THE DATE: A sneak peak
CYL ANNIVERSARY GIFT: Something special for you to Celebrate with us!

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy the June Newsletter.

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JUNE BLOG: How to Use the Monkey Mind to Build Circuits
By Dr. Sue Morter

Have you tried to meditate to calm the mind and instead, felt even more frustrated as thoughts whirled round and round…the desired stillness not even a glimmer on the distant horizon?

Maybe you’ve never meditated or even desired to meditate, but are interested in the idea of stilling the mind.

When we are not identified as the thinking mind, we experience less pain. I am committed to providing sacred space for everyone to discover the distinctions between their true Essential Self and the false self—the thinking mind—that often runs our lives.

When we get caught in life’s circumstances and it feels challenging to access that subtle frequency, that still, sacred space, the question often arises, “How do I get not identified as the mind?”

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FEATURED EVENT: Summer Healing Retreat
Personal Message from Dr. Sue Morter to our CYL Community

I’ve been studying and teaching Bio-Energetic Medicine for over 35 years and to this day, I’m more in love with my work than ever before.

I have the honor of experiencing first hand, the miraculous transformations when someone steps into their divine grace, when they release the old patterns that no longer serve them and see how magnificent being grounded into their essential self truly feels.

What’s even more thrilling is when we have the opportunity to be together in- person. Being with you in-person allows all of us to be immersed in the vibrant healing energy where great change and realizations occur.

I’m deeply committed to taking this journey with you and being your facilitator and guide into this sacred space.

Tanya, I personally invite you to a sacred Healing Retreat this Summer on August 11 – 15, 2022 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest along the majestic Columbia River.

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Multi-Vitamins: What is a good multi, and why?

I’ve been practicing Integrative Functional Medicine for over 30 years and the one question I get over and over again is, what’s a good multi-vitamin and why?

Taking a multi-vitamin is one way to help your body to reduce stress. The main focuses in my practice is helping people to reduce the symptoms and ailments caused by too much stress in their lives. Way too often, I see how stress has taken its toll on people’s bodies and this one simple step can assist you.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for a multi-vitamin:

  1. Buy From a Reputable Company: I purchase my supplements from Fullscript, for myself and my patients, which is a professional holistic pharmacy with a variety of manufacturers. (More information about Fullscript will be at the end of this article.)

    I only recommend purchasing any kind of supplement from a company who makes products specifically for professional use. Why? The professionals are relying on those vitamins to do what they say they are supposed to do. In other words, the professionals purchasing these supplements for their patients must know that the product is going to work for them. The manufacturers that makes supplements for healthcare professionals such as myself, know they must hold up the standard that we are seeking. They use high quality vitamins and no heavy binders. If you buy a typical one-a-day type of a vitamin, they don’t manufacture for professionals and they don’t do what they are supposed to do in the body.
  2. No Amazon: While I know that Amazon or other online stores are selling the same brand of supplements you can get at your naturopath or other holistic doctors, the challenge is in trusting the source. We don’t know if all sellers are reputable on Amazon and simply not copying high end labels and pasting them onto lesser brand products. This has been an ongoing issue and concern for healthcare practitioners. We also cannot know if they are storing their products in an acceptable way according to manufacturer’s recommendations. It is not a trusted source and I would spend the few extra dollars to assure my vitamins are being ethically delivered.
  3. Binders: In many of the multi-vitamins you might purchase can have a tendency to include heavily bound binders in them which are not bio-available for the body to use. The body cannot break down the pills easily resulting in being able to get processed into your system. Although the better quality product can be a bit more pricey, we know that it’s bio-available and has the best possible chance of being able to break down and be absorbed into your body the way it was designed.
  4. Capsule VS Tablet: Tablets can be a very good source to take in a vitamin, however if you have any digestion issues, I always recommend a capsule. Once a capsule has opened up in your body it is much more easily absorbed and causes less digestion issues. The capsule takes less time for the body to break down and your body knows exactly what to do once ingested.
  5. Vitamin B: Most B vitamins have a half life of about 6 hours. Looking at a multiple that you take twice a day would be beneficial so you can keep your vitamin B level at a good place. I’m not a fan of a one-a-day for this very reason. Look for a product with the basics in them such as Vitamin A, B’s, C, D, E and K.

I understand you might not have access to professionally sourced vitamins. This becomes an issue when you desire to have quality products and don’t have a holistic healthcare provider or perhaps you don’t want to spend the time and money to make an appointment.

At my wife’s (Liz Dawn) request, I’ve figured out a way to offer something special for the CYL audience.

In the beginning of the article, I mentioned that myself and other practitioners use a service called Fullscript. Fullscript is like a pharmacy for natural medicine. They are a highly trusted distributor of high-end brands and products that deliver directly to your home.

I would like to invite you to my Fullscript portal where you will have access to the same products that myself and most naturopathic and holistic practitioners use.

Click Here for Dr. Jeff’s recommended vitamins
and access to Fullscript >>>


Do you want to have deeper meditations and feel more spiritually aligned?

Not only is Blue Apatite a beautiful crystal and you feel as if you are looking into the eye of the ocean, Blue Apatite is extremely helpful to assist you to achieve deeper meditation and spiritual attunement and will stimulate the growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions.

In addition, given its name there’s no surprise that blue apatite helps to suppress hunger and boost your metabolism. Some have also found it very useful for promoting the healing of bones, teeth and cartilage.

Other ways in which blue apatite can help you include:

  • Increase the strength and frequency of lucid dreaming
  • Aids in astral projection and allow for “vertical vision”, being able to see all levels of consciousness working harmoniously
  • Helps to attract guides and other entities, and assists in communication with them.

Blue apatite also works strongly with the throat chakra and helps you to accept yourself as you really are and gain greater self-confidence.



There’s nothing like having a gorgeous crystal collection with brilliant colors emitting good vibes throughout your home. Blue apatite will uplift the energy in your space and give you that spiritual boost you might need right now.

We’ve got some beautiful hearts and some spheres with colors that make you want to jump right into the core of its energy.




It’s our 28th Anniversary and we want to share the love!! It’s a little surreal that it’s 28 years, but here we are!

Watch for free gifts from us all month long!

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Take 3 minutes, right now and hear Matt’s wisdom as he shares what love really looks like.

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