Let It Go!

The Journey to an Uncluttered Life!

Starting August 1, 2020
Registration ends July 31st at 5:00 pm PT



Are you feeling the weight of what is currently happening in the world?

Have you been feeling like there is a spiritual reason for what is happening?

These are hard times. Yet, from a spiritual perspective, we have a phenomenal opportunity like we’ve never had before. Currently, there is a frequency affecting the entire world giving us the opportunity to let go of old patterns and rewrite our destiny.  

Now is the time to step into a new way of being. You have the chance to do something extraordinary. 

The Time Is Now.

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There has never been a more powerful time in the evolution of our planet to transform and evolve.

The Let It Go-28 day program, beginning on August 1st, is a profound spiritual journey to clear away inner and outer clutter.

My Dearest Fellow Soul Travelers,

There is currently a planetary frequency, like no other in history, making it easier to transform.

During this time of Covid and societal upheaval, you have the chance to do something extraordinary. You can literally go back to the drawing board, rewrite your life and create your destiny.

Every day for 28 days, I will be guiding you through carefully crafted exercises to clear your path for inner clarity, make changes from the inside out and release inner and outer clutter. . .delivered directly to your email! 

Join me for 28 days as we take the journey together. 

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Join Denise Linn

World Renowned Best-Selling Author and Teacher for a comprehensive life-altering journey into your soul!

Beginning August 1 – August 28, 2020
Registration ends July 31st at 5pm PT

28 Days of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Clutter Clearing


Let It Go is a 28 day program dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of ALL aspects of your life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

During your 28 day journey you will:

  • Clear away old blockages to truly hear the secret messages of your soul.
  • Discover how to activate the elements of nature: Air, Water, Fire and Earth
  • Experience the amazing power of your subconscious for health and vitality
  • Release emotional, mental and physical clutter that is weighing you down
  • Discover how to remove the energetic wall between you and your potential
  • Learn to transform your environment to heal emotionally, mentally and physically

You will experience and discover the true magic of clutter clearing.

Clutter clearing is modern day alchemy; it transforms your life in miraculous ways!

Identify what is cluttering your life and begin the remarkable journey to release it.

To achieve your dreams, you must first believe in your dreams.

But how can you truly believe when you doubt it can really happen?

In this powerful 28 day program, you will learn how to overcome doubts and blockages to activate the secret of miracles.

With Denise Linn as your guide, you will clear away inner debris to live a life that truly inspires you.

Each week is dedicated to clearing one of the four aspects of your life which are symbolized by the four elements of nature, Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual) and Earth (physical).

Through these powerful daily exercises and clutter clearing, you will soar into your future!

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During the 28 Day Course, You Will Receive
Daily Guidance
from Denise that Includes:

TEACHINGS WITH DENISE:  You will have an opportunity to connect with Denise THREE TIMES A WEEK during the  28 days!  Denise will lead a LIVE conversation every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 am PST – 10:00 am PST.  This will be live on Facebook and then posted for replay on YouTube.  You will have a chance to connect with Denise, ask questions and share any challenges and successes. Additionally there will be periodic guest speakers on Monday and Wednesday.

CLUTTER EXERCISE CHALLENGE: Every day you will get an assignment for clutter clearing for a different part of your home delivered directly to your email.

SOUL COACHING® DAILY EXERCISE: Focusing on the inner emotional clutter of your life, these exercises are designed to guide you into uncovering your most authentic self, live life at a peaceful moderate pace, and clear away old blockages so that you can truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul.

AUDIO MEDITATION: Set the tone for your day as you are guided through the day’s exercise and also include a gentle meditation to reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs.

AFFIRMATION of the DAY: Shift your neural pathways and reprogram your brain with life affirming affirmations to uplift and support what you are ready to create in your life.

ORACLE CARD FOR THE DAY: Discover the energy for the day and your daily message from Spirit

SONG: Music has a special place in our lives that can heal and move our energy and vibration into shakin’ our bodies and moving the energy up and out!

PLUS. . . .

PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS: Sometimes past lives have a way of holding us back in the present time and place. You will explore and release limitations from your far past. They are safe, easy and effective.

It takes a VILLAGE! You will be a part of a supportive, loving community with other course attendees in a Private Facebook Group. There are amazing mentors in our private Facebook Group to inspire and support you along the way.

Let It Go!

Your 28 Day Journey starts soon!

August 1st through August 28th!

Registration ends July 31st at 5pm PT

Regular Price:


ONLY $127

This pricing is deeply discounted and available for a Limited Time ONLY.


If Not Now,

Imagine . . . 

Being completely supported and guided for 28 days on a powerful cleansing and clearing for every area of your life and giving yourself this beautiful loving gift you so greatly deserve.

Imagine. . .

You’ve cleaned and cleared your life from the inside out and you now have the time to do the things you love doing, the space in your world to be at ease, and you feel truly relaxed.

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During this 28 day course you will have the opportunity to get answers to some of your important questions such as:

What Juices Your Energy?

How do you confront fear and develop faith?

What have You been putting off in your life and why?

What Makes Your Spirit Sing?

How do You create a fabulous future?

As an exciting Special Bonus, best-selling author, Mystic Chef® and Health and Vitality Coach, Meadow Linn, will make guest appearances throughout the program!

Meadow has been passionate about good food since she was old enough to crawl into the cupboards. She is the co-author of Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest and The Mystic Cookbook, which was listed by PBS Food as one of the “Top 5 Cookbooks for the Holidays” and inspired a keynote address live to 3,000 people and streamed worldwide.

Meadow’s recipes and articles appear in numerous publications stateside and abroad. Additionally, Meadow works with clients to support the birth of their writing projects. 

For over 50 years, teacher, best-selling author of over 19 books in 29 languages, Denise Linn has been guiding thousands of people all over the world in releasing fears and blockages and stepping into living an authentic and magnificent life!

Are you ready to LET IT GO and live your best uncluttered life?

Let It Go!

Your 28 Day Journey starts soon!

August 1st through August 28th!

Regular Price:


ONLY $127

This pricing is deeply discounted and available for a Limited Time ONLY.


This amazing 28 day journey is co-created with Denise & Meadow Linn alongside Celebrate Your Life events!  If you have any questions please feel free to call us: 480-970-8543

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