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The Practical Magic of Manifesting


Audio Lesson Downloads:

Lesson #1

Welcome and Common Misconceptions about Manifesting

Lesson #2

What Manifesting Is, What it Isn’t and What Gets in the Way

Lesson #3

Cast Your Commitment to Honor Your Power as a Creator

Lesson #4

Tune Into Your Energetic Wheel of Fortune

Lesson #5

Release Your Resistance in Getting What You Want

Lesson #6

Create a Life Vision Story that Resonates with Your Deepest Desires

Lesson #7

Plant the Seeds of Your Wildest Dreams

Lesson #8

Sustain Your Vision Through Your Own Manifestation Mantra

Lesson #9

Bringing Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviors into Alignment

Lesson #10

Move Confidently into Inspired Action

Bonus Lesson

Creating Your Own Magical Space

Playbook Download:

The Practical Magic of Manifesting Playbook

Powerful exercises, prompts and practices to apply what you learn in each audio lesson.