WHY are we called the Scream Team? Because during one of our hilarious moments while working together on a project, roaring with laughter, our fearless leader and CEO, Liz Dawn, bellowed, “we are such a scream!” and the name stuck. 

We embrace laughter, heart opening conversations, soul-tribe connections and healing the world one CYL at at time.

We are collectively and individually deeply passionate about creating gatherings that will open your heart and mind to new ways of exploring your spirituality, discovering our life’s purpose and connecting you with your new circle of like minded friends in a nurturing and supportive space.

Liz Dawn

Former professional actress, Liz Dawn and her mother, Ariel Wolfe, created Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events over 26 years ago. Liz is currently the CEO of CYL and while her mom Ariel has transitioned into spirit, she is ever present at all CYL programs.

Diane Williams
Office Administrator

When you register for a CYL event, Diane makes certain that your experience from start to finish runs smoothly. She oversees the entire registration process and has your badge and tickets ready and waiting for you to arrive.

Danielle Clement
Event Assistant

If you see Liz at an event, you know that Danielle is not far behind.  Danielle helps make the magic happen by making sure, the magic happens! She is everywhere checking on everything!  And, you will even find her at times creating beauty behind the camera.

Jay Matthew
Audio Visual Team Lead

From being a theatre lighting tech to studying spiritual mediumship in the UK, we are very blessed to have Jay as one of our AV tech team leads. He is passionate about creating a flawless program filled with clear, crisp sound and lighting and goes above and beyond to create amazing experiences for everyone.

Daniel Morris
Computer Systems Supervisor

Daniel is one of the most valuable members of our team. He assures that our computers, printers and networks are in all alignment and oversees all our equipment needs. If something needs to be in place, Daniel is there to make is happen.

Elmas Vincent
Audio Visual Team Lead

We like having sounds, lights and audio visual working correctly at CYL, and we could not do this without Elmas Vincent. Along with being our CYL team lead, Elmas is the founder and creator of Lightpreneurs, inspiring you to live your very best life.

Gretchen Oehler Hogg
Special Needs Lead

As a former Navy Nurse, Gretchen is no stranger to taking exquisite care of people with special needs. When our attendees need extra love and support, Gretchen is the woman who handles it. As no surprise, Gretchen has a private hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and energy healing practice.

Kyra Schaefer
Staff Schedule and Trainer

Kyra schedules, trains and manages over 100 of our event staff members While not an easy task, she handles all situations with grace and ease. Having been trained as an NLP Practitioner, Kyra is also the founder of the Holistic Speakers Guild.

Tanya Lombardi
Executive Assistant to Liz Dawn

Tanya brings her varied skill set to this key role in supporting Liz Dawn in the day to day operations of CYL. You will meet Tanya at our events, and rest assured you are in good hands no matter what you need.