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Meet the Scream Team!

WHY are we called the Scream Team? Because during one of our hilarious moments while working together on a project, roaring with laughter, our fearless leader and CEO, Liz Dawn, bellowed, โ€œwe are such a scream!โ€ and the name stuck.ย 

Here at CYL, we’re all about embracing laughter, heart-opening conversations, soul-tribe connections, and healing the world one CYL at a time! ๐ŸŒŸ

Individually and collectively, we’re deeply passionate about crafting gatherings that will not only open your heart and mind but also ignite your soul’s journey. Whether it’s exploring new dimensions of spirituality, uncovering life’s purpose, or simply finding your tribe of like-minded friends, we’re here to create a nurturing and supportive space where magic happens! โœจ

So, get ready to embark on an adventure filled with joy, discovery, and endless possibilities. Welcome to the CYL community โ€“ where every moment is an opportunity for growth, connection, and transformation! ๐ŸŒˆ

Liz Dawn
Chief Laughter Officer (CEO)

Meet Liz Dawn, the cosmic connoisseur of celebrations and heart-open events, reigning as the Chief Laughter Officer (CEO) at CYL. With a former life as a professional actress, Liz knows how to captivate an audience like nobody’s business. Armed with a knack for turning frowns upside down, she’s the ultimate conductor of joy at CYL.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a good belly laugh or a dose of whimsy, just follow the sound of laughter echoing through the halls of CYL. Liz is here to remind us all that life’s too short not to embrace the absurd and find the humor in every moment!

Diane Williams
Chief Experience Wizard

Meet Diane Williams, the magical maven behind the scenes at CYL. As our Chief Experience Wizard, Diane works her enchantment to ensure that your journey from registration to radiant arrival is nothing short of spellbinding.

With a wave of her wand (or perhaps just a few clicks of her keyboard), Diane orchestrates the entire registration process, making sure your badges and tickets are ready and waiting for you like treasures in a mystical treasure chest.

Tanya Lombardi
Sunshine Spreader and Event Welcome Wiz

Meet Tanya, the embodiment of joy and warm welcomes at CYL events! As Executive Assistant to Liz Dawn, she’s the behind-the-scenes powerhouse ensuring that everything runs smoothly day in and day out.

But wait, there’s more! At events, Tanya steps into the spotlight as our on-site check-in manager and the first friendly face you’ll encounter. With her ever-present smile and boundless enthusiasm, she makes sure that every attendee feels like a VIP from the moment they arrive.

Jay Matthew
Maestro of Audio Visual Enchantment

Meet Jay Matthew, the wizard behind the curtains at CYL. With a background that spans from illuminating theatre stages to exploring spiritual realms across the pond, Jay brings a unique blend of technical expertise and mystical insight to our AV tech team.

Whether he’s conjuring the perfect ambiance for a keynote speech or orchestrating a multimedia extravaganza, Jay’s commitment to excellence knows no bounds. So, the next time you find yourself enraptured by the sights and sounds of a CYL event, take a moment to tip your hat to Jay โ€“ the unsung hero working his magic behind the scenes to make it all possible!

Daniel Morris
Digital Dynamo

Meet Daniel Morris, the silent powerhouse and digital dynamo at CYL. With a stealthy demeanor that belies his mighty capabilities, Daniel ensures our digital kingdom runs smoothly. As our Computer Systems Supervisor, he wields tech wizardry with finesse, keeping our systems in perfect alignment.
But Daniel’s magic extends beyond technology โ€“ he’s the quiet guardian who lends a helping hand willingly, providing loving support to everyone around him. So, when in need of a digital savior or a comforting presence, Daniel is the gentle giant whose silent strength illuminates CYL with warmth and compassion.

Danielle Clement
Event Assistant Extraordinaire

Spot Liz at a CYL event, and chances are Danielle is close at hand, weaving her own brand of magic to ensure everything runs seamlessly. With a keen eye for detail and boundless energy, Danielle is the secret ingredient that makes the magic happen behind the scenes. You’ll find her darting about, checking on every detail to ensure that every aspect of the event is flawless.
And don’t be surprised if you catch her capturing moments of beauty behind the camera โ€“ it’s just one more way she adds sparkle to the CYL experience.

Gretchen Oehler Hogg
Quiet Force of Love and Speaker Support Maven

Meet Gretchen, the gentle yet powerful presence who brings a touch of whimsy to CYL events. As a former Navy Nurse, she’s honed her skills in care and compassion, ensuring that every interaction is infused with warmth and kindness.
In her role as our Extra Assistance and Speaker Assistant Lead, Gretchen quietly works her magic to ensure that every attendee feels supported and every speaker receives the royal treatment they deserve. Despite her soft-spoken nature, Gretchen’s playful spirit adds an element of joy to every moment, reminding us all to embrace the lighter side of life.
Off-duty, Gretchen runs a private hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, and energy healing practice, where her nurturing soul continues to uplift and inspire.

Kyra Schaefer
Staff Whisperer and Chief of Cheer

Meet Kyra, the maestro of staff management and the laughter captain at CYL events! With the monumental task of overseeing over 100 event staff members, she dances through challenges with grace and a sprinkle of humor. As our Staff Lead, Kyra ensures that every member of our team feels valued and supported. Her knack for handling any situation with poise and a touch of whimsy makes her the go-to person for all things staff-related.

But wait, there’s more! When she’s not orchestrating the CYL crew, Kyra moonlights as the founder of the Holistic Speakers Guild and As You Wish Publishing, spreading her infectious laughter and compassionate spirit far and wide. So, if you’re ever in need of a dose of cheer or a touch of inspiration, just look for Kyra โ€“ the staff whisperer!

Chantalle Ullett
Office Orchestrator and Boutique Maestro!

Meet Chantalle, the newest addition to our dynamic team! With a background as colorful as a rainbow and talents as diverse as a box of crayons, Chantalle brings a whirlwind of excitement wherever she goes.

As our Office Orchestrator and Boutique Maestro, Chantalle is the mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring that every aspect of our office and live events is as smooth as silk. Whether she’s charming customers with her warmth and kindness or ensuring our operations run smoother than a greased lightning, Chantalle is the ray of sunshine that adds vibrancy to the Celebrate Your Life experience. So, if you find yourself in need of a dose of cheer or a helping hand, just look for Chantalle โ€“ she’s ready to brighten your day!