In Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona

Immerse Yourself in Soulful Connections, Expansiveness, Vibrancy and Authentic Joy!

Friday, October 28 – Sunday, October 30
Plus Post Conference Workshop on Monday, October 31

Life’s been a little challenging lately.
You’ve been knocked off your center.
Struggling with feeling a loss of connection within yourself and your soul community.
You may have lost that joy, sense of purpose and feel a little dry inside.

We Get It!

But it’s okay, You Are Not Alone.

At Celebrate Your Life you will. . .

  • Reignite your passion in order to bring you back into alignment, restore your inner balance and reconnect you to what really matters.  
  • Gain the clarity you seek in love, career, and relationships to move forward in your life with confidence and ease
  • Be a part of a supportive loving community that will cheer you on and want the very best for you!

It’s your opportunity to Step Away from the never-ending TO DO LIST and give yourself a much needed respite and be in alignment with your soul’s purpose. 

Since 1995, hundreds of thousands of people have had powerful life-changing experiences, sacred “aha” moments, gained deep meaningful insights and clarity  at Celebrate Your Life.

Celebrate Your Life is a magnificent Soulfest where over four days you’ll experience:

  • Immersive Masterclass Sessions to access new insights
  • Breakthroughs and powerful awakenings
  • Reconnection to that part of you that’s full of love and hope
  • Your spirit will soar with joy and gratitude for giving yourself permission to be a part of this high-vibration experience!

“When you go to the Celebrate Your Life events it’s exciting because there’s so many speakers and you meet new people and new friends. You walk away feeling elevated!

I’ve been to several and if you haven’t been to one, get on a plane, get on a train, walk to it!  It’s fantastic!”
Alejandria Kate – writer, San Francisco, CA

Be Supported!

Allow us to support you and nurture and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

For over 27 years, at Celebrate Your Life events, we are world renowned in creating connection, community and bringing consciousness to the planet. We invite you to come join us and be a part of our Soultribe community in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 28 – 31, 2022.

Unlock the mystery to transformation with proven techniques to help you heal, thrive and grow

Hit the reset button and walk away renewed and feeling like yourself again

Release your fears, free your mind and rediscover your own magnificence

Explore the deepest depths of your being and the highest realms of consciousness with your favorite spiritual teachers.


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Michael Bernard Beckwith

Spiritual Teacher, and Founder Agape International
Dr. Beckwith is a sought-after meditation teacher, conference speaker, and seminar leader on the Life Visioning Process. He’s addressed audiences at the UN General Assembly during its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week, TEDx Maui, and Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) SuperSoul Sessions, among numerous others.

Gabby Bernstein

Bestselling Author, International Speaker
Gabby Bernstein is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has penned nine books including The Universe Has Your Back. Gabby was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader.” The Oprah Winfrey Network chose Gabby to be part of the “SuperSoul 100,” a dynamic group of trailblazers whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world. The New York Times identified Gabby as “a new role model.”

Neale Donald Walsch

Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. He has published 29 books and is the bestselling author of the Conversations with God series. This series has been translated into 37 languages and his writing has touched millions and inspired important changes in their day-to-day lives.

Lisa Williams

World-Renowned Medium, Clairvoyant, and Author
Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant and the author of several books including The Survival of the Soul, Life Among the Dead, and Was That A Sign From Heaven? Her latest book, Divine Wisdom: Messages of Love, Hope and Healing from the Mastersbrings inspiration to those who want to strengthen their own connection to spirit.

Matt Kahn

Author, teacher, and attuned empathic healer
Matt Kahn is an incomparable spiritual teacher, highly attuned empathic healer, powerful speaker, and captivating author. He enriches people’s lives by providing heart-centered solutions that ignite, delight, and unite!

Sunny Dawn Johnston

World-Renowned Speaker, Teacher, and Psychic Medium
Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed psychic medium, changemaker, best-selling author and spiritual biz mentor. She is a weekly columnist for Woman’s World magazine and the author of twenty-two books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm.

Dougall Fraser

Internationally Recognized Psychic, Author, and Coach
Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized psychic, author, and cosmic coach. He utilizes color therapy, clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, interior design, and practical advice to help people assess and attain their goals and dreams.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Bestselling author of The Five Levels of Attachment
When he was only 14 years old, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. apprenticed to his father don Miguel Sr. and his grandmother, Madre Sarita, to learn how they manifested their intent to heal people, both physically and spiritually.

Don Miguel Jr. leads others to achieve their own personal freedom and optimal physical and spiritual health. He's written many book including : The Five Levels of Attachment and Living a Life of Awareness . His newest book, The Mastery of Life was released in October 2021.

Emmanuel Dagher

Bestselling author, teacher and founder of The Core Work Method
As a multi-bestselling author, teacher, and founder of the healing technology The Core Work Method©, Emmanuel’s message of healing, personal transformation and love is resonating deeply within the heart and mind of those who are on a path to self-realization.

Barry Goldstein

Grammy Award Winning Musician
Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres from Co-Producing the Grammy Award winning track "69 Freedom Special" with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley MacLaine.

In addition, as an artist, Barry reached the Billboard top ten albums on the New Age Charts with New York Times Best Selling Author Neale Donald Walsch. Barry ‘s CD “Ignite the Heart” recently won the Coalition Visionary of Resources Award for best World Fusion album of 2015!

Koya Webb

Internationally Known Holistic & Spiritual Teacher
Koya Webb is the author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce. She is a highly acclaimed Wellness and Holistic Coach and a renowned Yoga Instructor. With over one million followers, Koya shares her sacred wisdom and inspiration with people from all over the globe.

Molly McCord

Bestselling author, intuitive astrologer, and teacher
Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author, intuitive astrologer, and modern consciousness teacher who has hosted a successful astrology podcast with over 4 million downloads since 2012. Molly has 11 published books, including her new bestseller "Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation".

Kris Voelker

Heart Centered Soul Musician
Kris is a soul musician whose music touches your heart and soul. She believes there is a great need for music that supports higher consciousness and personal empowerment. Kris has played on stage with some of the most prominent names in the area of spirituality and metaphysics such as: Sunny Dawn Johnston, Gregg Braden, James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Walsch, Alanis Morissette, Iyanla Vanzant, and more.

Kyra Schaefer

President of Schaefer Institute of Hypnosis
For over 20 years, Kyra has been a practitioner of hypnotherapy and teaching workshops and seminars all over the globe. She is the founder and President of Shaefer Institute for Hypnosis certifying students to become professional hypnotherapy counselors. Kyra is also renowned for her work in the publishing arena and is the Founder and Director of As You Wish Publishing. She is best known for featuring up and coming writers in collaborative book projects winning several Amazon awards and best-selling status recognition.

Liz Dawn

CEO & Co-Founder of Mishka Productions & Celebrate Your Life Events
Liz Dawn is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mishka Productions and CEO and Producer of Celebrate Your Life! events. After hosting a book signing for the authors of The Celestine Prophecy and experiencing the magic of people coming together, Liz and her mom, Ariel Wolfe, set off on a mission to create awesome soulfests with the greatest spiritual visionaries of our time. Over the past 27 years, Celebrate Your Life! events and retreats have healed and transformed thousands of lives.

What do people say about us??

The event exceeded my expectations. As someone who has created and participated in more events than I can count - Celebrate Your Life was well planned, the speakers were exceptional, food, location was top to bottom fantastic and well worth the investment. I highly recommend!

Melissa Perdue
Chicago, IL whole life has changed! My heart is HUGE AND OPEN, my soul is new and renewed! I have learned so very much--that my past is now gone--and I'm starting all new! I AM CHANGED FOR THE BEST I CAN BE! 🙃 My world has been tipped upside down and back in the most wonderful spiritual way! THANK YOU!
Diane Quartz
San Francisco, CA
Unreal! It was over-the-top fantastic! You and your team took such good care of us down to every little detail. It was a great experience, especially since I came alone. I was surprised how many people came alone, but I made so many new connections and friends that I feel will last a lifetime. Thank you so much to Liz and her team!
Suzie Carter
Madison, WI
I'm buzzing. This isn't something I would normally think would be such a big hit with me but I was ready for it. I have been telling everyone about the event and how much energy I have since then. I loved it, I'm so happy to have found you and all the wonderful people involved in your mission.

Bill Huber
Long Island, NY

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