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Friday, October 28 – Sunday, October 30
PLUS, you can watch it for 14 days after the event!

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Molly McCord

Matt Kahn

Gabby Bernstein

Michael Beckwith

Lisa Williams

Neale Donald Walsch

Join us from the comfort of your own home and experience the magic of Celebrate your Life on Sale NOW for only $129! (Regular Price $459)

We know travel has been challenging, or perhaps it’s to difficult to get the time off work or maybe finances are getting in the way of you being with us in person.

But this should not stop you from basking in the energy, wisdom and transformation of all these amazing spiritual teachers all in one livestream program.

By attending the Celebrate Your Life Livestream program, it is the perfect solution for you to come and join us via Livestream for an affordable price!

Get ready to Unplug Your Mind and Recharge Your Soul to transform how you show up in your life with Michael Beckwith

You'll discover Nine transformational, techniques for serenity and genuine happiness and free stuck energy of past trauma with Gabby Bernstein

Awaken Your true inner mystic and experience your Divine eternal nature with Matt Kahn

You'll be guided on your own inner journey of healing, acceptance and love with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Discover the neuroscience behind how your psychic mind works and unleash the energy of your intuitive power with Lisa Williams

Have your own sacred dialogue with God and learn how to move through these tumultuous times with Neale Donald Walsch

Learn more about your own unique energy by discovering the meaning of your sun, moon and rising sign with Molly McCord


All Times are Listed in Pacific Standard Time 
PLUS – You’ll have 14 Days after the Event to enjoy watching the sessions!

Friday October 28

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

During his 2-hour address Beckwith will draw on his decades of leadership in fields including personal growth, human consciousness, modern spirituality, and transformational education that have helped thousands of individuals create lives far beyond ordinary, as he invites you to take a deep look at the standard personal systems of living and models of reality, that have kept us anchored to our limited ego that sees us as separate from all other beings and from the universe.


Though we have a mind, we are not our mind, and our mind often becomes a set of programs that have invaded our consciousness and manifest as limiting circumstances.


Through his astonishingly simple, yet powerful process of self-inquiry, he will illuminate the extent to which we are tethered to the pollution stemming from the “world of appearances” and will guide us in upgrading our inner programming, enabling us to permanently transform how we think, perform, and show up in the world.


Through the power of inquiry, Beckwith will show us that we can


·       Learn how to better and more efficiently install New Beliefs;

·       How to upgrade our Daily Habits;

·       How unplugging our minds and listening to our souls instead of the rules we have been taught (even by the well-intentioned) will help us to Break Free.


Beckwith will teach how to unplug by using powers available to us all:


·       The Power of being pulled by a Vision…

·       The Power of Intention …

·       The Power of the Art and Science of Meditation

·       The Power of Gratitude,  and more…

Saturday October 29

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

A deep exploration of a new definition of God that could launch a theological revolution in the world, and open the heart of everyone in the room to a daring, almost never-tried approach to dealing with today’s tumultuous times. 

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Discover more of your unique energy as professional astrologer Molly McCord guides you through the “Big 3” in your natal astrology chart: Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign. 

These 3 energies create a unique combination of how you present yourself, your personal needs, and your ongoing self-development. We’ll cover the basics of astrology and the importance of your astrological energy signature. This is an introductory astrology workshop for beginners. 

You will need to bring your astrology chart to be able to reference during the workshop. You can get a free astrology chart at www.astro.com, as well as reference your birth chart on your phone or device. A notebook and pen for notes is recommended.

1:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Break in Livestream

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

» If you were free from fear, who would you have the freedom to be?
» What if you could wake up every day without anxiety?

» View your past with purpose, not regret? Live happy, peaceful, and free from fear?

You can – and Gabrielle Bernstein will show you the way. Gabby has long been loved by her listeners as a spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, and catalyst for profound inner change. In her talk she will share a plan for transforming the pain of your past, whatever that may be, into newfound strength and freedom.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why most people feel stuck in patterns that make them unhappy – and what to do about it
  • Nine transformational, yet untapped, techniques for serenity and genuine happiness – from techniques for “reparenting” yourself to bodywork practices for freeing the stuck energy of past trauma

The mindset shift that can do more for you than decades of personal work.

Sunday, October 30

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Based on nearly three decades of international experience as a successful psychic medium and her in-depth studies in neuroscience, Lisa Williams’ groundbreaking new workshop – available for the first time ever at CYL – will take your intuition to an incredible new level.

Stripping away the traditional woowoo from your gift, Lisa will reveal the neuroscience behind how our psychic minds work, helping you to unleash the energy of your intuitive ability and enhance your brain fitness with proven, science-based tools.

By becoming a neuropsychic, you will learn to blend your psychic ability with science, rewire your brain and unlock new ways of making meaningful changes to every area of your life.

Lisa’s keynote will end with readings for some audience members.

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

In this experience, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. will share the lessons from his new book, The Mastery of Life: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom.

It represents the personal journey, or quest, that we all undertake to find our own personal freedom. He will explain, based on his family’s Toltec Tradition, how the sacred pyramids and plazas of Teotihuacan act as symbolic stops on the transformative path of Toltec Warriors. Those who apply the teachings of the Toltecs in their own lives will learn to let go of their domestication, false fear, and self-judgment. At the same time, you will be guided on your own inner journey towards healing, acceptance, and love. Experience firsthand the transformative power of the Toltec teachings. Learn through practical exercises and reflections designed to help you find peace and personal freedom in your own life, right now.

don Miguel Ruiz Jr. will teach you how to:

  • Become aware of how you confuse “who you are” with “what you know”
  • Gain awareness of how your agreements have created your reality
  • Let go of the fear of what you are without your beliefs
  • Create a happier and more rewarding story for yourself
  • Make New Agreements that are more in line with your true Authentic Self

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Are you ready for a direct experience of your true eternal nature? Do you yearn for deeper understandings of life and to know your place in the Universe? Isn’t it time to peel back the veil of duality to begin seeing life from a more inclusive, unified, and mystical point of view? If so, then please join Best-Selling Author & Empathic Healer, Matt Kahn for a life-changing healing experience taking place at this year’s Celebrate Your Life event. 

Awaken Your Inner Mystic is your chance to:

  • Learn how to be aligned in Universal Truth — no matter how others around you seem to be
  • Remember your true nature and how to tap into the infinite resources of Source within you
  • Make peace with your power, so you can shine your light without a fear of persecution
  • Experience the most direct way to embody love — for yourself, your loved ones, and our awakening world

If you are ready to step beyond the vibration of fear and uncover the magic and miracles woven throughout your life, then you are ready to Awaken Your Inner Mystic.

On Sale Now for Only $129!
Regular Price $459

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