Skamania Retreat Ground Transportation

Getting to Skamania Lodge

Please Note:  We are offering the following ground transportation companies as a suggestion per Skamania Lodge recommendation.  We are not affiliated with these companies nor do we take any responsibility for your experience….unless of course its a fabulous one and then we will take full credit!!

NewStar Transporter:  This company created a Shuttle Service for our 2021 event at Skamania Lodge and we had a great experience so we’ve asked them to do it again. The Shuttle will run between Portland International Airport and Skamania Lodge on the dates and times listed below. We have created a schedule that will run every 2 hours at a special retreat rate (Time slots may be eliminated or cost more if we can not fill the seats).

The pricing below is total for a one-way ride and split between riders:
$120 Total for first 1 or 2 passengers
Plus $5 each for passengers 3 through 5 (Max Total $135)

Below is a chart of Shuttle hours. If the hours are not within your flight arrival or departure, please contact NewStar directly for private transportation or one of the other suggested providers listed below.

Thursday, August 11th ONLY

7:00 am PT
9:00 am PT
11:00 am PT
1:00 pm PT
3:00 pm PT
5:00 pm PT

Departure option 1
Monday, August 15th ONLY

2:00 pm PT
4:00 pm PT
6:00 pm PT
8:00 pm PT
10:00 pm PT

Departure option 2
Tuesday, August 16th ONLY

6:00 am PT
8:00 am PT
10:00 am PT
12:00 pm PT
2:00 pm PT


To Schedule a Shuttle, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Your information will be given  to NewStar, and they will reach out to you directly to confirm your reservation and collect payment.

Ground Transportation Companies:
NewStar Transporter:  (call if the dates on the form do NOT work for you) 503-334-9108
Simon Says Shuttle:  503-998-1818
Beau Monde Limo: 503-547-7366

Shuttle Sign Up. Your information will be sent to NewStar and you will receive email confirmation.

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