Crystal Wings Healing Art

The mission of Crystal Wings Healing Art, founded in 2003 by visionary healing artist and author, Barbara Evans, is to assist Humanity in the raising of frequency and consciousness, and in developing new ways of living and being in the world, based upon Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Peace and Unity. Cornerstones of Crystal Wings Healing Art are Barbara’s channeled creations, the Image Keys and Chakra Keys. These stunningly beautiful images radiate powerful, beneficial energies derived from sacred geometry, crystals, sound and color.

Crystal Wings Healing Art - Personal Empowerment Discs

Personal Empowerment Discs

Six Personal Empowerment Discs have been lovingly created from Barbara’s Image Key paintings. The discs carry frequencies of support for the following “Essences”: Joy, Love, Healing, Wisdom, New Dreams and Abundance. Each Personal Empowerment Disc provides an intimate interaction with positive vibrations, enhancing our lives at all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit. The discs are 3″ in diameter.

Crystal Wings Healing Art - Chakra Key Prints

Chakra Key Prints

These prints raise the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, providing the opportunity to raise Consciousness, promote Balance, deepen connection with our True Self and unlock our Infinite Potential. They assist in manifesting our Highest Dreams, and help anchor Oneness, Joy and Abundance into our lives.

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