Marianne Williamson: How To Know You Are On The Right Path


“How to Know You Are On the Right Path”

Sit back and listen to the great wisdom of Marianne Williamson and discover:

  • The keys to being inspired and renewed on your spiritual path
  • How spirituality encompasses everything in our lives
  • In spite of feeling fearful, you can step into your life and do what you know to be right action

“How to Know You Are On the Right Path”

Always poignant and relevant, Marianne shares what being on the path looks and feels like, how we can use A Course in Miracles lessons to guide us, and how our state of being affects how we show up for humanity. Truly powerful and engaging, you will feel inspired and renewed in your spiritual faith and come to realize that spirituality does not exist outside of what’s happening in the world today. It is, in fact, spirituality and the serious practice that can lead us to doing what is right even in the face of fear, uncertainty and disorder.

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