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Do you believe in yourself? I mean, do you really and deeply trust in your ability to create what you want in your life?

At Celebrate Your Life events and retreats, renowned spiritual teachers come together to help people hone this one incredible power: believing in yourself so you can become the person you came here to be. It’s not easy, not even for those who dedicate their lives to learning how to understand and access these inner resources and apply them in useful ways. 

Believing in yourself takes an unwavering trust and an enormous amount of practice. 

But why is believing in yourself so powerful? Because the biggest obstacle to creating the life you want boils down to this: not believing you are worthy or capable of experiencing the dream you hold in your heart.

So what gets in your way? 

We are so good at convincing ourselves why we can’t do something or aren’t “good enough” or “smart enough” to have or experience what we want. These are all just silly lies we tell ourselves because we fear what may happen if we actually succeed. 

Here’s what stews beneath those silly lies.

If you do succeed, what might these new experiences and gifts require of you? What might you have to change or do differently if you believed you could create exactly the life you’ve always wanted? What old stories would you have to give up to rewrite a new, empowering one? And what might you have to give up to move into this new story? You might have to let people you love go, or step into the unknown, or completely change the course of your career. 

But the more important question is: What might you miss out on by not believing in yourself? 

Without a true and consistent belief in yourself and your power, you lose sovereignty over your life. You miss out on opportunities for happiness, joy and a deeper level of fulfillment. You sacrifice the greatest gift you came into this world with; your ability to choose the people, the experiences, the love and the abundance you crave.

This is the ultimate power of believing in yourself. You regain complete control over your how and where you spend your energy. Self-doubt and procrastination drop away so you move through life doing instead of wishing. You build courage and self-reliance. In essence, you reclaim and become the master of your life!

But belief in yourself is not a switch you can flip. Belief is something you actively develop over time with constant reminders, continuous actions that take you out of your comfort zone, and by staying deeply connected to your inner voice.

If you’ve lost (or maybe never had) a strong belief in yourself… or you’ve been doubting yourself for years, here are 5 practical tips to get you into the powerful flow of believing in yourself:

  1. Know you already have all the answers. Your essence, your higher self, your soul, knows all you need to know. Connect with that inner voice deep inside of you and follow its guidance—it will never steer you wrong.
  2. Trust in the power of your choices. When you believe in yourself, the second-guessing falls away and you don’t need validation from others to pursue your goals or do things that matter to you. The more you trust in your ability to choose for yourself, the stronger your choices will be.
  3. Summon your courage. When your actions stand in direct opposition to people, societal pressures, or “normal” thinking or behavior, it takes inner strength and bravery to continue on your path.This is your life and you get to choose how you want to live it!
  4. Let go. Once you reconnect with your inner voice and begin making choices that are in line with your higher self, some people in your life may fall away. You will no longer seek permission or validation from others to do what you feel is best. You will feel empowered by your courage to gracefully release anything and anyone who doesn’t support you. This freed up energy is now used to focus on your goals and dreams so you can experience the joy of living your life fully and authentically.
  5. Love yourself. You are your best guiding light, your biggest champion and your most trusted advisor. It’s so much easier to follow your heart, act on your dreams, and move towards the life you want to live when you love and trust yourself. 

She believed she could, so she did

The simple act of believing is so powerful. Try practicing just one of these 5 tips over the next 7 days and discover the power you hold in creating the life experiences you deeply crave and deserve. Want more reminders and empowering practices at your fingertips? Check out our SOULFEST Digital Package with over 55 video and audio lessons including special gifts from leading spiritual teachers! Only available through March 6, 2020 so buy yours today.