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By Liz Dawn

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Liz Dawn, checking in.  Are you enjoying your summer? Are you celebrating your life in all its soul-affirming glory? Are you maintaining your spiritual self-care practices and healthy relationships?

High summer is the perfect time to commit—or re-commit—to self-healing and exploring your own personal power. When the days are long, anything seems possible, doesn’t it? Because it is! You are in charge of your days and your years, which of course add up to equal your life. It’s yours and only yours! How can you fill it with more healing, more beauty, more love and light and connection?

Well, first, you can join our Soul Tribe by coming to a Celebrate Your Life event! Our Soul Tribe will welcome you like you have found your home, and that’s because for so many of us, CYL events are exactly that: a home, a safe space to be ourselves, to pursue our truths supported by like-minded seekers doing the same. We are a family—a big, loud, dancing, laughing, crying, hugging, nutty family—and I know you will love being a member, too.

Today I want to highlight a particularly awesome and amazing workshop at CYL Phoenix with the one and only Gregg Braden! Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice. Sounds impressive already, doesn’t it? He will address how we as humans are evolving toward enlightenment, toward greater clarity, and even moving toward being able to access the ancient abilities of extended life spans and self-healing!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for you to experience this two-hour hands-on and interactive workshop where you will be given concrete tools to build a foundational understanding of Gregg’s teachings that you can take home with you for continued practice and transformation. That’s the goal of all our CYL workshops and keynotes: to inspire you in the moment and send you home with what you need to sustain that energetic glow and continue the practice.

It’s a big world out there full of new discoveries about our origins and our potential, and Gregg Braden has made it his life’s mission to bring those discoveries to us so we can grow, expand our abilities, and better understand ourselves. Gregg is a scientist as well as a spiritual guide, a five-time New York Times Bestselling author, and a recent Templeton Award Nominee. Plus, he is just an all-around amazing, inspiring, phenomenal person. We are so lucky to have him as part of our CYL family.

Gregg Braden has been teaching with Celebrate Your Life for more than fifteen years, and I can tell you that participants emerge from every one of his workshops with brighter eyes, bigger smiles, and an openness that is palpable. I peeked in on one of his early CYL workshops and was blown away—almost literally!—by the incredible energy in the room. I thought, “WOW. This man has something magical to teach us.” Everyone sat with their hands on their hearts, and as Gregg led them through the exercise, a peace and joy settled over the room. The peace of finally fully knowing your own heart.

This is how Gregg teaches you to elevate your own life from ordinary to extraordinary—by moving you towards the capability to harmonize the brain and heart. It’s part of the new science of neuro-cardiology, which sounds a bit academic but really means the link between the heart and brain. It’s not a new idea—it’s just new to this time and place and culture. Gregg’s work is all about looking at what our ancestors knew that we have forgotten or lost and merging that with scientific evidence to give us applicable tools to heal ourselves, our bodies, and our relationships.

Within this awareness of the heart technique that Gregg has mastered lies the capacity for forgotten greatness, for reigniting abilities that were previously believed to be impossible or magical, but really come from you. He says when you are able to “think from your heart,” you get at the true wants of your soul, and choices become easier.

Think about it—how often does your brain run around in a hamster loop of what-ifs and pros and cons and logical hypotheticals, and still can’t land on decision? That’s because your brain can’t help but make judgements. The heart however, will simply tell you the truth. When you can learn to distinguish your heart’s voice from your head’s, and when you can learn to fully trust your heart’s input, that’s when you essentially gain a “magic” power: the ability to always make a decision that is based on your own deepest personal truths.

What an amazing “power” right? The magic is within your grasp—within all of us—if we break the chains of cultural adherence to the status quo and our own ingrained limiting beliefs about ourselves. It’s the potential we are working towards, and with Gregg’s help and guidance, we can get there even sooner.

This is one of my favorite things about Gregg’s work—he bridges the gap between our contemporary lifestyles and the ancient knowledge of traditional gurus and healers who were sequestered away at monasteries on mountaintops. As he often says, even if you’re not a monk or a shaman, these skills are still accessible to you right now. You can learn to reach states of advanced awareness or perception from your very own couch!

These “magical” skills are not only possible, they are your legacy. You just have to learn how to awaken those dormant pieces of yourself and let them shine. Gregg’s transformational workshop at CYL Phoenix is waiting to forever change your life.

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