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A few days ago, our four legged beautiful boy, Puck, started struggling for his life.  He had some issues that became increasingly difficult.

Sobbing over the phone to Jeff while he was at work, he dropped everything and came home.

The next few hours were a whirlwind of decisions and phone calls. Puck’s pain was obvious and with every movement he was hurting.

We found someone to come into our home and assist with his transition. Jeff had never experienced this before or such a deep connection with a four legged being.  We all chose one another to walk this journey together and now Puck’s physical body was tired.

The three of us held one another and with our hearts heavy with grief, we blessed our beautiful boy Puck on his walk home.  We honored his time and love for us by placing him under a magnificent Ironwood tree on our property while saying prayers of gratitude through our tears.

I’m learning that loss is loss.  I remember feeling this same way when we lost Ariel, our mom.  The tears feel unending. I’ve discovered it does not matter whether it is a person, mother, father, four legged child, a job, loss of a dream, loss of a job or relationship, it’s important to allow ourselves to walk through our grief with kindness and compassion.

There are moments I want to judge myself and fear the judgement of others in feeling such deep grief for Puck.  I mean, after all, “it’s just a cat” from my critical mind. And then I allow some gentleness to seep in through the judgement and remember the three of us are family and our connection is eternal.

This past year has been filled with such changes for everyone around the world, some of them created deep sadness, other changes made us feel hopeful or filled with possibility.  Whatever your experience has been, changes in all our lives have happened and the way we go about walking through our daily tasks have shifted.

As we close this year out, I’ve been thinking,  what do I want the next year to look like, no matter what is going on around me? How can we ceremoniously escort out the old energy and welcome in new vibrant fresh energy into our world?

For me and Jeff, in spite of our sadness, together we will set our intentions, clear out old energy that does not serve us and step into a space of openness and infinite possibilities.  I wish for you to do the same……and,

May you walk your path with dancing feet and a song in your heart. – Ariel Wolfe

With Much Much Love…..Liz, Jeff and from over the rainbow, Puck.