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by Denise Linn

I remember the moment. It stills rings so clearly in my heart.

I was waiting to go on stage for a ‘Celebrate Your Life‘ event in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I peeked through the curtains behind the stage. I saw a multitude of people in the room – more than 1000 people. The participants were filled with expectancy, curiosity, excitement  . . .  and also pure joy. Then, remarkably, everyone began to look transparent…it was like I was seeing a thousand holographs that began to shimmer and waver, like fabric on a clothesline during a breeze.

Crazily, it seemed that I was having a spiritual experience. I wasn’t meditating.  I wasn’t praying. I was simply waiting, when it happened. Then I ‘heard’ a deep sonorous hum; it seemed to be coming up from the earth, filtering up through everyone in the room. At once, all the individuals in the room seemed to be merging and melding together, in a kind of symphony of light and energy. It was profound and powerful.

After about a minute, everything returned to ‘normal’.  However, in the depth of my heart I knew that I had been shown that our gathering was a kind of transformational alchemy,  created just simply by being in the room together. It wasn’t the speakers, or the program creating that transformation…it was us.  WE were the transformation. We co-created it together, simply by being together. It was a revelation.

Of course “Celebrate Your Life” conventions have great speakers. Of course, there is excellent information to take home.  But in the deepest spiritual way, something else happens during these events, as we subconsciously connect with each other. It’s not an accident who shows up. It’s not an accident who you coincidentally meet while you are there. I believe that there are higher forces at work.  And together, we create a great weaving of light and energy   . . .  that is both healing and transforming.

To me this is the true magic of a ‘Celebrate Your Life ‘event.

To this extent, I’m going to the next event, not as a speaker, but as a participant.  This is a a big deal to me because I love being home…I mean I REALLY love being home. I’m so very happy being nestled in our home on the side of a mountain in Northern California that I don’t even like leaving to go grocery shopping. I never like to leave and  I only venture out from my home for things of great value and importance.  However,  I know that simply being in the energy of a ‘Celebrate Your Life ‘event is a thing of beauty, grace and importance.  My soul yearns for the kind of transformations that will occur there, so I look forward to attending.  I hope you are there too so we can create a transformational weaving of light and joy together.