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You’ve probably heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

Well, when you’re in a rut or life throws a global virus in your path, and it’s ridiculously hot outside and you have to reconfigure the way you used to do things and you find yourself completely and totally frustrated because “you’ve had enough”….it’s time to do something different!

What does that “something different” look like for you?  It’s stepping outside your box, using your imagination to begin creating different feelings inside yourself, it’s shaking up your energy and doing something a little radical…or maybe it’s doing something so normal but you haven’t take time to do it.

But what I know, is when I’ve had enough, I have to do something different and break up my routine.  The day after day routine can throw your mind and body into automatic and there’s no space in your life for spontaneity. 

So….what could doing something different look like??  Here’s a few suggestions!!

  1. Take a faaaabulous online class with Celebrate Your Llife events!  SORRY!!  But you had to know that I would go here.
  2. Learn how to do something that you’ve been wanting to do.  For instance, play an instrument (there are online tutorials),  break out the colored pencils and create artwork, read those books that have been sitting on your shelves for years, reach out to a long lost friend, discover how to work your stove (this is directed at me!), clean a closet….I think you get the idea! 
  3. Figure out a new way to get your body moving.  There are tons of classes online now, from salsa to hip-hop, yoga, tai’chi… you name it, you can find a class. This will also help break up that feeling of overwhelm and it’s good to tire your body out just a bit to release pent up energy.
  4. And of course, go within.  Meditate, tap into who you truly are, remember the divine magnificence of why you came into existence at this particular time and place in the world.  Remind yourself of your purpose, your beauty and the love around you.  There really is love all around us, it is who we are and our divine birthright.
  5. Change your thoughts. Change your thoughts. Did I say…change your thoughts yet? Wayne Dyer said this so eloquently, “change your thoughts, change your life.”  It’s truly the one thing that we can control.  Our thoughts. I’ve noticed when I shift my thinking, my feelings change and my actions follow suit.  I feel refreshed when I allow myself to shift my thinking and get rid of the negativity that can take me down a bad road. 

Remember to breathe, get yourself back into your body, connect with a friend who speaks your language or find a community of people who are supportive.

We will get through this, I know this with all my heart. It’s hard right now, but we will be together again….I’m planning on it!

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