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Do you remember the sense of wonder and pure joy you had as a child whenever you went on an adventure?

It didn’t even have to be a big adventure, right? Things like pitching tents in backyards, digging for “buried treasure,” climbing rocks, hikes in the woods, building sandcastles, or even riding bikes through unexplored parts of town seemed to take on a larger-than-life quality, an aura of mystery. Sometimes there was even the potential for danger, a bit of risk for the reward of something new.

How exciting was it to make personal and global discoveries on the heels of those adventures? How many of those adventures helped shape who we are?

That’s because quests, journeys, exploration—adventure—pushes us into new terrain, challenges us to stretch our boundaries, which is how we learn and grow. The soul wants to grow; it wants to move closer to Spirit, to the Light. Your soul yearns for deeper connections: to your inner self, your angels and spirit guides, and to the boundless love of the universe. That’s part of why we created Celebrate Your Life—to generate a space to create, expand, and nourish those connections, to bask in the loving energy of like-minded souls learning and growing together. (And having a lot of laughs along the way!)

Adventure asks your soul to take the leap toward your best self. Here’s why you should answer:

Spice Up Your Soul

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Variety is the spice of life.” That applies even deeper: variety is the spice of your soul as well! And I don’t know about you, but I like my soul spicy! Isn’t it more fun that way? Spice means more variation, a wider range of experience, fresh and new encounters…in short, more adventure!

Each new experience opens up new territories within you, portals to inner parts of yourself just waiting for you to let them shine. Challenging yourself allows you to access your courage and strength, your resilience and determination, your compassion and open-heartedness, providing your higher self more opportunities to remind your conscious mind of your own power.

Stretch Those Spiritual Muscles

Adventure requires us to push at least a little beyond our comfort zones and face our fears; that’s part of its appeal! After all, we can’t grow without a little work, without putting in the effort and facing the tough stuff when necessary. You have to stretch your muscles in order to build them up.

Whether you are skydiving or diving into a new romantic relationship, ziplining (which you can do at Celebrate Your Life Skamania!) or lining up a new job in a field you truly care about, the combination of fear and excitement expands spiritual—and possibly literal!—muscles you may not have used before.

Overcoming the hesitation that keeps us from tackling new and potentially scary experiences in the first place is one of the best rewards of taking the plunge. Just like spending a night in the backyard alone may have made you less afraid of the dark as a kid, your spirit knows that surmounting your fears through adventure will make you stronger and more confident, and closer to expressing your most authentic self.

Yes, You CAN Do That!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people discount themselves and dismiss their own capabilities. I could never stand up on a paddle board! It sounds too scary to bungee jump! Soul Tribers, do not underestimate yourselves! How do you know what you can and cannot do if you haven’t tried?

Adventure allows us to see ourselves in our best light; our own best assets are mirrored back to us when we complete a challenge. When you seek out a new experience, your perspective shifts. Once you have faced your fears and survived to tell the tale, you are more able to see in yourself what the Universe sees in you, what your Soul Tribe sees in you: your true light, your authentic self in all its beautiful brilliance.

And if you can conquer a challenge and peel back the layers of fear to reveal more of your true self, to more deeply connect to Spirit, what other amazing discoveries will your next adventure bring?

Play in the Light of Your Truest Self

Your inner child is alive and well, and she wants more adventure, too!

When we were kids, nearly everything felt like an adventure. So much is new every day when we’re young, so adventure is relatively easy to come by. As adults, it can feel like we are stuck in our routines, that adventure may no longer be doable. But there is no time limit on growth, adventure, or expanding your horizons, and there is no reason children should have all the fun!

The authentic you who loved to play as a kid—what did she enjoy? What made her excited to explore?

Adventure can illicit joy on a deep, soul level. Opening up and discovering your true self’s capacity for growth is joyful on a soul level, the joy of overcoming a fear and beating it at its own game is thrilling, and the adventure itself creates a body-high in endorphins. It can feel like you’re a kid again, flying down a hill on your bike, not a care in the world, fully present in the moment, body, mind, and heart bursting with joy and connected to spirit—that’s what adventure can still gift us. And the results last much longer than adrenaline.

When was the last time you actively sought out an adventure, a new experience, an exploration of something exciting and possibly a little scary in the name of fun and spiritual growth?

Perhaps it’s time for you to go for it, to make the jump and join us at CYL’s brand-new Skamania Retreat >>>.

You can trust that when you’re with your Soul Tribe, you are in good hands!

So come join our next big adventure, and perhaps find a new one for yourself in the process.

See you soon,