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Hello, are you out there? Are you seeking a community of like-minded seekers who love learning about self-improvement, increased joy, a stronger connection to spirit… or maybe just a little more fun?

If this sounds like you, your Soul Tribe is calling you to come Celebrate Your LifeAre you ready to answer the call?

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months struggling to find a new direction. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to build a more authentic and balanced life. From New Year’s resolutions to energetic spring cleaning, many of us are removing blocks—literal and figurative—from our spaces, eliminating bad habits, disempowering relationships, negative energy, and generally cleaning up our mind, body, and soul… so we no longer carry the things that aren’t in service of our true selves.

It feels so good to get rid of all that stuff, doesn’t it? So good. Even better, all that culling and cutting leaves us with a fresh clean space for filling with things that do bring us joy. So ask yourself:  What brings you joy? What do you love? What allows you access to expressing your authenticity?

For me, the number one thing that brings me joy in my life, is celebrating the journey of being alive through community. Getting to connect with people on a soul-level, expanding my inner light, sharing stories of transformation, working to connect and strengthen positive bonds… all of this brings me fulfillment and joy. It’s literally why I do what I do!

Celebrate Your Life events aren’t just fun weekend getaways—though they are that too!—but transformational experiences that will change your life. You leave with deeper connections: to yourself, to other soul-seekers, and to Spirit.

Join us! You are welcome here.

We call attendees of CYL events our Soul Tribe because we are a tribe: a close-knit group of people who are all searching for something greater than ourselves, and who understand that we must “do the work” in order to get there. (We also have our own Facebook group for support beyond the times when we can be in the same room together.)

Soul-seekers, the spiritually inclined, whatever you want to call us, we are open to the conversations that are sometimes frowned upon in “normal” day-to-day interactions. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your coworkers the fact that you’re getting messages from your relative who has passed into Spirit. Perhaps you think the other parents at the PTA meetings would think it was weird if you mentioned a vision you had the other day, or your family will mock you for completing a ritual to clear your house of negative energy. It can be isolating… but it doesn’t have to be.

Despite how it may feel sometimes, you are not alone! I invite you to come to a Celebrate Your Life event and feel the recognition in our community, feel the warmth and acceptance all around you, like a big hug. (P.S. You might cry at feeling this much unconditional support. We’ll cry with you!) This is your tribe and we have a spot reserved just for you.

You can expect growth.

One of the best aspects of a tribe’s support and our loving CYL vibe, is the safe and nurturing environment in which you are challenged and encouraged to grow. Yes, we are friendly and supportive and non-judgmental, but we will also push you to work at your goals and learn the tools you need to better yourself and your life. That’s what the workshops are for! (And this year, the time you get to spend with our speakers is two full hours so you can really dig in to the teachings!)

You know how they say when you exercise with a buddy, your success rate goes up? It works similarly with spiritual growth and self-healing: making the journey with others not only makes the distance seem shorter, but also makes you travel a bit faster. I guess spiritual peer pressure can be a good thing! With everyone around you making great strides towards their life’s purpose and authentic selves, you’ll be inspired to dig deeper, stretch those spiritual muscles a little farther.

Let your fun flag fly!

CYL is all about celebrating the most authentic you, so we want to see you let your hair down and shake it all around! Part of our goal is to help the abnormal feel normal, for you to feel safe in expressing your “weirdness.” In fact, we urge you to be as weird as you want! We can all be weird together!

When this many like-minded, open-hearted, soul-seeking people get together, there is a group high like nothing you’ve experienced before. I always say it’s orgasmically fantastic, which is not an exaggeration! You will have so much fun and be inspired and lifted up by the energy of everyone being themselves in all their strange glory and loving every second of it.

Make lifelong friends.

Community and relationships are so often a great source of joy, and your CYL tribe is sure to provide deep, lasting relationships. After all, you have so much in common!

Even if you come alone, you’ll be alone for thirty seconds. The energy of the space connects people; your light will be drawn to the light of others. People have met their soulmates, their best friends, their new husbands and wives at Celebrate Your Life events. Groups of soul sisters who connected at CYL years ago still meet frequently despite living in different parts of the country.

The bonds created within the soul tribe are some of the strongest and most rewarding I have ever seen. There’s something about being together with people in a safe space where everyone can be vulnerable and open that ties us all together in energy, in spirit. And those connections last far longer than the event, rippling out across the miles because love knows no bounds.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Attend our next event, join the CYL Soul Tribe, and finally find the purpose and direction you’ve been searching for. 

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See you soon,